Crews in Yukon working to prepare streets for winter storm

Winter storm approaches, salting and sanding continues

Yukon street crews are salting and sanding areas preparing for an approaching storm.

Yukon streets crews are busy as a winter storm approaches.

Icy places are reported around the city Thursday and snow and record-low temperatures are ahead.

City crews are using salt and sand Thursday.

“Our crews have been working around the clock salting and sanding our snow routes, and they will continue to do so until streets are safe again,” city spokeswoman Jenna Roberson said.

Wind chills will be minus 25 Sunday and Monday and a foot of snow is possible.

Snow routes are designated in Yukon. Local nonprofits are helping supply food, clothing and winter gear to those in need.

Mayor Shelli Selby said, “The city is also preparing with sand and salt to keep our streets clear and safe.  We are trying to be proactive and praying the forecast is wrong.”

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