Shelter will be available during emergency

Yukon Police Chief John Corn discusses options

Yukon Police Chief John Corn

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

With meteorologists predicting possible snowfall totals of 6 inches to 15 inches the weekend of Valentine’s Day, questions arise related to those individuals who are displaced and sheltering outside. How can their locations be identified, and how can they be kept safe?

Yukon Police Chief John Corn said, “We did an inspection of the areas where there might be displaced or out-of-place people staying in the City of Yukon, places that we were aware of, when we had the first cold snap and there were concerns about very low temperatures, within the last approximately 10 days. Our patrol shifts went to every location we were advised of, and we found no inhabitants and no evidence that there had been any inhabitants recently.”

Corn said, “Maybe displaced individuals realized the weather was getting bad and they found other resources and moved on to Oklahoma City or El Reno. We really don’t have any of those resources in the City of Yukon.”


However, Corn said the Yukon Police Department continues to go through and monitor the areas, because of the current weather situation. Corn said, “You’ve got to at least be prepared for a possible situation, and what effects it has. We’ll stay vigilant for anyone who looks displaced or out of place. But we don’t have actual shelters or resources.”

According to the department’s findings, Corn said the City of Yukon does not have any displaced or out-of-place individuals who are without shelter within the city limits at the moment.

Corn said, “We’re at the forefront of this issue, because our guys are on regular patrol. If we find individuals, we would look to getting them to Oklahoma City, where they have places like the City Rescue Mission and the Jesus House. Oklahoma City has a number of established, permanent resources. We would call and see which of these has openings. We don’t have these in Yukon that are established and run by any group. These types of establishments need to already be equipped, up and running, and have lodging, showers, and restroom facilities, and need to be staffed for purposes of a rescue, for a spectacular event such as a tornado, flood, heavy snowfall and low temperatures, and other.”

Corn said this is a topic that is continually discussed.