A run on foods and supplies

Shoppers find shelves low on some foods

The shelves at local stores were low on bread and milk such as these seen at Williams Foods in Piedmont as people shopped over the weekend to prepare for winter storm conditions and impassable roads. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

The store shelves across Canadian County were low on some foods and supplies as shoppers poured out to prepare for an oncoming winter storm.

Saturday was busy in stores where bread and milk ran out quickly at some places.

Snowfall Sunday made some roads and streets impassable, and stores were not as busy, but shelves bare.

Deliveries were affected by conditions, but snowplows and crews kept many snow routes open across the county.

There were no widespread power outages.

But more snow was in the forecast for Wednesday.

Temperatures are not expected to get much above freezing until Friday, with a high of 32.

Jennifer Potter shopped at Williams Foods in Piedmont Saturday.


“I can’t believe I found hamburger,” Potter said.

Milk was hard to find.

Hamburger, steaks, sausage, and bacon were available at Braum’s stores, and most also had plenty of milk on the shelves through Monday. The store at 12017 Northwest Expressway near Piedmont Road and the store at 1 W. Main in Yukon had plenty of milk but ran low on bread Monday.

Other area grocery stores had some of the same problems. There seemed to be no shortage of paper towels or toilet paper however, like the situation about a year ago when the pandemic news was first reported.

On Monday, rolling outages of electricity affected cities across Canadian County and the state. But the outages were temporary, and power restored in the afternoon.

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