Clearing the way

Crews, snowplows make paths through drifts along roadways

Snowplow operators from Brewer Construction worked to clear Yukon streets after more than 5 inches of snow over the weekend fell and more was in the forecast. The snowplow leaked antifreeze Monday, the crew said. (Photo Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

The snowfall in Yukon that came in on a wave of Siberian cold air caused some impassable drifts along streets and roadways.

Snowplows helped clear the streets for drivers.

The powder that fell Sunday did not have as much ice as previous events, but vehicles were stuck in places and slick spots remained.

Brewer Construction crews made their way through Yukon to help clear roadways, crew members said.

The bitter cold was hard on the equipment. One heavy machine leaked antifreeze, and work had to halt along Cornwell Drive near E. Vandament while repairs were made. It was not an easy job when the wind chill in Yukon was minus 29 Monday morning and the actual temperature minus 4. The sun did return Monday, but not much melting took place with another round of winter weather on the way and no immediate forecast calling for any above freezing temperatures.

Yukon crews contracted by the city cleared Snow Routes. Yukon streets cleared included W. Vandament Ave., Garth Brooks Boulevard, N. 11th Street, Holly Avenue, Cornwell Drive, E. Vandament Avenue and N. and S. Yukon Parkway.

Yukon Public Schools took a snow day Monday, and streets and roads were quiet across the city.


There was a 50% chance of snow on Wednesday with a high temperature of 17 degrees. Friday, the high is going to make it up to 32 degrees, the National Weather Service reported.

Mayor Shelli Selby said shelters are available in Yukon for the homeless or for anyone in need, but the shelter was not needed over the weekend.

“No one showed up at the warming station we opened Friday night.  As of right now we will transport anyone who does not have shelter to one of the many shelters recently opened in Oklahoma City, “Selby said. “They are full shelters and close by, not downtown.”

Selby said the work to clear the streets was successful through Tuesday and will be ready for more work as needed.

“The street crews, which have done a fantastic job keeping our roads clear, will stay on high alert.”

She said people in Yukon prepared for the storm and to help others.

“I have been so warmed by all the people reaching out and helping each other during this horrific winter storm,” Selby said. “We are a community who pulls together and takes care of each other. We will make it through this and be stronger and kinder on the other side.”

Across Canadian County, roads were pretty quiet over the weekend and Monday, with people staying home and fewer wrecks reported, said Sheriff Chris West.