Rolling blackouts halted for now, but could restart if needed

People are urged to reduce usage

Crews are prepared for any possible power outages Wednesday. (Photo provided)

Rolling blackouts have been halted, but remain possible due to the heavy use on the system during the winter storms, energy officials reported Wednesday.

People are urged to reduce usage as much as possible.

A statement from Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co. reads, “As of 7:30 a.m., There are no outages on the OG&E system. Last night, crews restored power to all customers with outages related to yesterday’s weather. We are continuing to monitor today’s weather and temperatures and have more than 1,000 restoration personnel on system to address any issues.”

The statement continues, “At this time, Southwest Power Pool continues to pause temporary service interruptions. The potential for the reinstatement of short-term service interruptions remain as the extreme cold weather in the region, combined with the high demand for natural gas continues. Should mandated interruptions resume, we will make every effort to communicate with customers about service interruption and estimated restoration.”

Given the fluidity of the situation, prior notification is not guaranteed. We are encouraging customers to prepare for the possibility of controlled service interruptions as these conditions continue.

OG&E does not have the ability to exclude a particular home on a circuit experiencing a controlled service interruption. Customers with concerns due to life-sustaining equipment should contact their physician for guidance.

Service interruptions are mandated by SPP in order to manage regional system load and avoid protracted power outages. It is urgent we all do our part to conserve power to help the region navigate this current situation and minimize further interruptions.

Customer conservation efforts are making a difference in minimizing interruptions, OG&E reports in a news release Wednesday.