Yukon Sharing earns ‘HOPE’

Charity will get $12K-plus gift from Power of 100 Canadian County

Power of 100 Canadian County founding co-chairs Tammy McKee (left) and Anita Bishop announce the group’s 2021 first quarter HOPE Award recipient, Yukon Sharing Ministries. (Photo provided)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

It’s been a challenging time for Yukon Sharing Ministries.

The non-profit charity has seen an ever-increasing need for help in recent months while its ability to fund-raise has be hampered during the COVID-19 crisis.

Yukon Sharing, 4 N 6th, served 894 families with a total of 3,550 services in 2020. That’s a significant increase from the 679 families and 2,399 services reported the previous year.

Yukon Sharing Ministries earned a huge “shot in the arm” on Feb. 15 when it was selected as the Power of 100 Canadian County’s 2021 first quarter HOPE Award recipient.

The winner was revealed during the Power of 100’s virtual “Galentine’s Event.”

Yukon Sharing Director Missy King

“We are very grateful, humbled and blessed,” Yukon Sharing Director Missy King said this week. “We haven’t been able to have our regular fund-raisers due to COVID, so this is a great help to us.

“We’re thankful for the support and for the people who voted.”

Yukon Sharing provides clothing, food, household goods, and other necessary services to people who meet income guidelines.

Eleven non-profit Canadian County charitable causes were nominated and names of three were drawn to make presentations.

Then Power of 100 members voted, selecting Yukon Sharing for their large quarterly gift.

Power of 100 Canadian County is a group of generous women who pool their resources four times a year to donate at least $10,000 to a selected charitable cause.

Deadline for donations is still open, but more than $12,000 will be awarded to Yukon Sharing.

King pointed to the increase in people seeking first-time assistance.

“We’ll use this gift to replace and add freezers and refrigerators for cold food storage,” King explained. “This also will help with food purchases.

“We want to develop a website, to provide a better way for people for find us and learn more about us. Right now, we only have a Facebook page.”

Yukon Sharing Ministries was founded in 1987 with a vision to offer everyone who can benefit a “hand up” – not a “hand out.”

The helping agency serves those who live in the Yukon school district, specifically in the 73099, 73085 and 73127 zip codes.

For more information, call 354-9456 or email yukonsharing@gmail.com



The Power of 100 Canadian County’s mission is to bring positive, passionate, community-minded and generous women together to make a difference.

Each member donates $100 four times a year. The group meets quarterly for an hour to select award recipients.

By pooling together their $100 donations each quarter, Power of 100 Canadian County members make a larger impact than they would otherwise.

Yukon Sharing’s director is among the group’s growing membership base.

“I see it from both perspectives now,” King said. “So many women in our community have jumped on board and we’re going to be able to help a lot of people.”

All women are invited to join the Power of 100 Canadian County.

The group’s goal is to grow its membership to 200 women so they can give two HOPE awards, four times each year.

Yukon’s Compassionate Hands ministry received the Power of 100 Canadian County’s first HOPE Award last fall – totaling $12,765. Compassionate Hands helps people in temporary crisis and provides transportation to elderly and handicapped residents.

Yukon’s Manna Pantry, an emergency food cupboard serving Yukon and Piedmont residents, received a $8,225 gift in fall 2019 from the Power of 100’s Oklahoma City chapter.

The Power of 100 Canadian County’s next event will be Monday, May 10.

For more information, visit powerof100cc.org