City of Yukon streets, roads cleared by local snowplow contractors

Yukon workers keep lanes open through historic winter storm

A worker uses a bulldozer as a snowplow in Yukon on Wednesday, Feb. 17. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

The roadways were cleared by contractors for the City of Yukon this week after record-low temperatures and heavy snowfall.

More than 200 hours of work went into clearing local roadways on turnpikes and highways, state officials reported.

Cold temperatures made the snow more powdery than the icy mix Yukon had in late October. Snowdrifts and mounds of snow that had been plowed were seen around the city.

There was plenty of work clearing driveways and sidewalks. Those with the equipment or the right truck or vehicle could become a snowplow for parking lots and on private property.’


The City of Yukon contracted with Brewer Construction for street clearing work. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority reported the number of hours put into clearing highways and turnpikes from Sunday through Wednesday.

“A big thank you to our own Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and Oklahoma Department of Transportation maintenance crews who have been working nearly 265 straight hours day and night to keep the roads clear during this unprecedented winter weather,” Oklahoma Turnpike Authority officials reported.

Turnpikes across the state, including the John Kilpatrick in Canadian County, were clear by Thursday.

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