Cost to clear streets in Yukon tops $50,000

A City of Yukon sanitation truck driver was stuck in the snow while picking up trash. (Photo provided)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

The cost to clear City of Yukon streets from the snowstorms of last week has been reported by officials.

Brewer Construction contracted for street clearing and the cost was $50,160, a city spokeswoman reported.

The cost for work with two truckloads of road salt was $4,150.

Signal light in Yukon were restored and working.

At least one Yukon trash collection trucks had trouble in the snow on Wednesday, Feb. 20, and pickup was moved to Saturday.


The total cost for equipment and workers was not available this week.

At the Dale Roberson Center, a frozen pipe broke and the center was flooded.

The cost of the repairs was not available this week, a city spokeswoman reported.

Also, a City of Yukon fire truck froze up in the cold temperatures as crews responded to a structure fire on Markley.

The fire truck is still operational, but it has needed repairs to water pumps.

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