Utility relocations ahead in Yukon for SH-4 phase two construction

$1M estimated cost to move Yukon water, sewer lines

The speed limit has been reduced to 35 miles per hour for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s State Highway 4 construction project in Yukon. Phase one in Yukon city limits will be finished this spring, and the City of Yukon is preparing for utility relocations on phase two. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

With phase one of the State Highway 4 project substantially finished soon, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and City of Yukon are preparing for an estimated $1 million in utility relocations on phase two.

ODOT is widening SH-4 in two phases inside Yukon city limits between SH-66 (Main Street) and Wilshire. SH-4 is being reconstructed as a “super” two-lane roadway with shoulders and new bridges.

Phase two construction on SH-4, from SH-66 north to Wagner Road, will cost an estimated $13 million.

In anticipation, the Yukon City Council has authorized the city engineer to obtain bids to relocate the City of Yukon’s water lines and sewer lines for phase two construction.

Ward 4 Council Member Aric Gilliland asked why the city’s engineering group (TEIM Design) solicits bids, instead of a city department director or administrator.

Yukon City Manager Tammy Kretchmar

“They act as our agent,” City Manager Tammy Kretchmar replied during a recent city council meeting. “They draw up our bid specs, instead of one of our city employees, because they have engineered these relocations.”

The State of Oklahoma will pay 80% and the City of Yukon will pay 20% of the utility relocation costs.

Estimated costs are $403,465.58 for the water line relocation and $610,599.63 for the sewer line relocation, totaling $1,014,065.20. The City of Yukon’s estimated share is $202,813.05 for all necessary utility relocations.

“We request you begin the relocation of your facilities to accommodate the construction of this highway project,” ODOT utilities manager Simon Winlock wrote in a Feb. 1st letter to Kretchmar. “The project is on SH-4 from SH-66 to Wagner Road.

“The highway rights-of-way have been acquired in the area of your relocations. To clear the right-of-way for the roadway contractor, the relocation of your facilities must be completed by July 28, 2021.”

Utility relocation agreements between ODOT and the City of Yukon describe the scope and nature of the work:

  • Replace existing two-inch and eight-inch water lines with a new 12-inch line and replace three crossings.
  • Replace existing 18-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch sanitary sewer lines with new 22-inch and 36-inch lines.


ODOT is scheduled to solicit bids for the SH-4 project’s second construction phase this November. After a contractor is selected, the roadwork will be done in 2022.

Manhattan Road & Bridge Co. started phase one construction on SH-4 in January 2020 after being awarded a $13,135,000 contract.

Phase one features a new bridge at the North Canadian River and new intersection at Wilshire.

The roadway has remained open to traffic and the first phase should be “substantially complete” by late February, ODOT spokeswoman Lisa Shearer-Salim said.

The ODOT contract gives Manhattan Construction until this spring to finish their work.

The speed limit along SH-4 in Yukon city limits has been reduced from 45 miles per hour to 35 mph during construction.

A third phase of the SH-4 project, from Wilshire to SH-3 (Northwest Expressway) in Oklahoma City limits, is on ODOT’s 2023 construction list. Estimated cost is $11.5 million.