Oil drilling in Canadian County resumes during pandemic

Fracking underway on pad located at N.W. 192/Arrowhead, Frisco

Fracking has returned to Canadian County as oil production picks up once again as seen at N.W. 192/Arrowhead Road in Piedmont. (Photo provided)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

After the pandemic and economic downturn of a year ago, oil drilling in Canadian County area came to a halt.

Now production is resuming. And some county residents have noticed the noise of fracking as production returns. Fracking is underway at a pad at N.W. 192/Arrowhead and Frisco roads. The noisy part of the work will be done the week of March 1.

Red Bluff Resources spokesman Jason Nieuwenhuis said the energy crisis in the pandemic resulted in the shutdown of production.

“We drilled two wells back in early 2020 in Piedmont before the energy crisis and we elected to stopped,” Nieuwenhuis said.

Overall economic conditions have improved enough to return to drilling, he said. Crews are fracking to begin drilling for oil at the Frisco Road pad.

Fracking is a process of injecting sand and water into the ground to open cracks after drilling.


“This is our first fracking back with our frack crew because oil prices have stabilized and we plan to bring the drilling rig back on April 1,” Nieuwenhuis said.

The fracking part of the work at Frisco Road will be done the week of March 1. Then crews will move a mile east to Cemetery at the Leon Treece pad, and fracking will begin and last about a week, Nieuwenhuis said.

Red Bluff Resources has other drilling sites in the area including one along Waterloo Road just to the east of Reading Road.

Oil drilling across Canadian County had been reportedly on a downturn before the pandemic started a year ago.

Hydraulic fracking as part of the oil drilling process has been linked to earthquakes in Oklahoma in recent years. Fracking is regulated by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

The number of earthquakes in central Oklahoma has declined in recent years, the U.S. Geological Survey has reported.