DA files robbery, assault charges in Yukon carjacking

Felon may be headed to state prison for a long time for latest crimes

Kenneth Ray Fuller

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – An Oklahoma City felon faces a laundry list of criminal charges stemming from a carjacking and assault at a Yukon convenience store.

The Canadian County District Attorney’s Office on March 8 charged Kenneth Ray Fuller, 61, with first-degree robbery, attempted second-degree robbery, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and assault with a dangerous weapon, all felonies; and obstructing an officer and leaving scene of a damage accident, both misdemeanors.

Fuller, who spent time in state prison for previous felony convictions, was formally charged in Canadian County District Court after a reported carjacking incident Feb. 26 at Casey’s General Store, 10600 W Highway 66.

Oklahoma City Police had responded at 5:46 a.m. that day to the parking lot of the convenience store near Sara Road and State Highway 66. The allegations against Fuller are detailed in court documents.

A Yukon man was filling his pickup at a fuel pump when Fuller allegedly pushed him and entered the vehicle without the victim’s consent and against his will.

The victim – a retired Yukon police officer – then climbed into the truck and struggled with Fuller trying to thwart the robbery attempt.

Prosecutors allege Fuller put the pickup in gear and dragged the victim a short distance, putting the man “in fear of serious bodily harm” before the victim let go.

Fuller “crashed the truck into three cars before putting it through the front doors of the store,” according to an Oklahoma City police report.

A Casey’s General Store employee reportedly sustained minor injuries when she was hit by one of the cars as she walked by.

The Chevrolet pickup Fuller had taken also struck and damaged a Ford sedan driven by an Oklahoma City woman.

After leaving the wrecked pickup, Fuller allegedly approached a delivery truck driver seated in his truck on the side of the store.

The defendant started yelling at the driver to get out of the truck and pulled on the door handle repeatedly while threatening “to do him bodily harm if he resisted,” according to court documents.

The delivery driver, also of Yukon, was put in fear of “immediate and unlawful injury to his person.”

Fuller fled the scene east on Highway 66 before officers found him and took him into custody. He allegedly obstructed one officer by “failing to obey a lawful command.”



Fuller, of NW 19th Street in Oklahoma, was initially booked Feb. 26 into the Oklahoma County Jail. He was transferred later that day and is being housed at the Canadian County Jail in El Reno.

A preliminary hearing conference is set March 29 before Canadian County Special Judge Khristan Strubhar.

The defendant may find himself in prison for a long time if convicted on his latest criminal charges. The six counts are punishable by:

  • First-degree robbery: Not less than 10 years in prison.
  • Attempted second-degree robbery: Not more than 10 years in prison.
  • Assault and battery with a deadly weapon: Up to life in prison.
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon: Up to 10 years in prison or one year in the county jail.
  • Obstructing an officer: Up to one year in prison and/or a maximum $500 fine.
  • Leaving scene of an accident involving damage: Up to one year in prison and/or a maximum $500 fine.

Fuller spent more than 10 years of a 30-year sentence in state prison after February 1996 felony convictions in Kingfisher County District Court for possession with intent to distribute controlled dangerous substance and conspiracy.

He received probation after being convicted in September 1979 of first-degree burglary, also in Kingfisher County.

Fuller’s rap sheet includes misdemeanor convictions for possession of methamphetamine and domestic abuse assault in Oklahoma County.