Yukon High School graduate pens ‘tragic comedy’

Second published book for Yukon native Luke Swanson

Luke Swanson

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A Yukon native has penned what he calls a “tragic comedy”, a book he revived after starting work on it as a high school senior.

Luke Swanson thinks “The Other Hamlet Brother” – published by Black Rose Writing – is something special.

“It has a very silly tone,” said Swanson, a 2013 Yukon High School graduate. “I’ve described it as ‘Young Frankenstein’, but for Shakespeare.

“It’s a comedy that deals with tragedy. Anyone who wants to laugh, who wants to think and who wants to go on an adventure will really like ‘The Other Hamlet Brother’.”

Swanson’s new book is the story of the long-lost twin brother of English playwright William Shakespeare’s famous Prince Hamlet.

The author provided readers with a synopsis.

“His name is Tim,” Swanson said. “As he goes through his story, he slowly integrates himself into many of Shakespeare’s most famous works – in funny and unexpected ways. He accidentally makes a lot of famous moments from Shakespeare’s works happen.”

Tim is like the Tom Hanks’ character in the movie “Forest Gump,” who bumbles his way through some truly historic episodes.

The new book is anachronistic, with modern references and characters who speak in modern language.

Interestingly, Swanson started writing this book about eight years ago while in Mandee Chapman-Roach’s English class during his senior year at YHS. Students were studying Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

“I fell in love,” Swanson shared. “I think Hamlet’s one of the best works of art in human history, with sculptures, paintings, everything.”

While at YHS, he was on the Student Council and a member of the yearbook and student newspaper staffs.

After graduating high school, the accomplished young writer headed to Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond. He put his book project “on the shelf” (pardon the pun) for a while during college.

“When I started it, I had the very basic premise,” Swanson related.

But he hadn’t developed the characters or plot.

During his college studies, the aspiring author learned about story structure and read a copious quantity of classic and newer literature. He was a member of the honors program and President’s Leadership class at OC.

After graduating in 2017 with a degree in English Writing and a minor in History, Swanson returned to the untitled manuscript he began as a high school senior.

His wait paid off with the publication of “The Other Hamlet Brother,” available in hard copy and e-book through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. The book also is available at a few local bookstores, Full Circle, Commonplace Books and Best of Books.



This Yukon author is a natural.

“Writing books and stories is something I really love doing,” Swanson said.
Since Swanson was young, he’s had a great interest in reading.

He acquired the writing bug late in high school and it only grew while studying English writing and literature in college.

Swanson’s first book, published in spring 2016 by Limitless Publishing, is the murder mystery thriller “The Ten.”

He really enjoys the writing process, no matter how challenging.

“If you work at it; it’s great,” Swanson said. “And if it comes inspired, it’s great too. So, I think that’s really fun.”

While promoting “The Other Hamlet Brother,” Swanson has two other books finished another one in development.

His “day job” is writing for Samsung’s Bixby project, a vocal assistant exclusive to Samsung devices.

Swanson and his wife Casey live in Yukon.

The author is the son of Yukon’s Carol and Randy Swanson; Carol is a retired Yukon elementary school teacher. He has two older brothers, David and Joel, who also grew up in Yukon and are YHS graduates.