Yukon Community Center hosts spring break camp

Jason Lara, 8, and Cameron Crawford, 8, hold ferrets during an “Extreme Animal” exhibit during a City of Yukon spring break camp event at the Yukon Community Center on Tuesday, March 16. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

Children who attended a spring break camp at the City of Yukon’s Community Center had a chance to see some exotic animals Tuesday, March 12.

Peter Farrell of Extreme Animals visited the Community Center on S. Holly Avenue with a variety of small animals that could be handled and petted.

Colt Burton, 8, and Benjamin Pritchett, 8, both held ferrets during the visit.

Jason Lara, 8 and Cameron Crawford, 8, also took part in the fun and passed along the ferrets to hold and pet.


Farrell introduced the children to another animal that arrived in a sack. It was a kinkajou, an exotic animal from the rain forest that is related to the racoon.

The kinkajou is native to Central America and South America.

Farrell let the kinkajou out of a sack and the little animal held on to his arm as he showed the children the kinkajou.

Spring break for Yukon children was March 15 to March 19.