Seven bid on Garth Brooks Trail project

Range from $839K to $1.25K; contract to be awarded April 5

Yukon grant writer Claudia Krshka

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Seven contractors submitted bids – ranging from $839,423 to $1,251,489 – to build a new multi-use trail in the heart of Yukon.

A federal grant will help fund the 10-foot wide Garth Brooks Trail on the east side of Garth Brooks Boulevard between Main Street (SH-66) and Vandament.

Construction of the Garth Brooks Trail will encourage Yukon residents to safely walk and ride their bicycles, according to City of Yukon grant writer Claudia Krshka.

“We’re trying to get trails that provide access for everybody, all across the city,” Krshka explained.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) on March 18 hosted a bid opening for the pedestrian improvement project. Contractors and their bids were:
• Parathon Construction LLC – $839,423.48
• SAC Services, Inc. – $924,606.95
• Rudy Construction Co. – $929,424.35
• Redlands Contracting LLC – $1,024,998.10
• Schiralli Construction Corp. – $1,059,888.68
• Crossland Heavy Contractors Inc. – $1,122,771
• C-P Integrated Services, Inc. – $1,251,489.07



The Oklahoma Transportation Commission is expected to formally award the contract for the Garth Brooks Trail at its April 5th meeting.

Some 180 calendar days have been allotted for the trail construction. The project length is about three-fourths of a mile.

The new trail will connect with an existing 6-foot-wide sidewalk in front of Mollie Spencer Farm south of Yukon Middle School.

The low bid includes two add-alternates to improve crosswalks. City officials will discuss which they want to include in the project.

ODOT recommended the trail be 10-feet wide so the City of Yukon could be eligible for grant funds.

The City of Yukon has been awarded a $515,960 federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant for the Garth Brooks Trail project. The City in late 2020 paid $251,675 toward its “local” share.

The City of Yukon’s trails program is designed to improve public health and safety while enhancing bike and pedestrian traffic, according to Krshka.

A contractor in 2020 completed another grant-funded, multi-use trail between Dickenson Park at First and Poplar to Yukon’s east edge on Lakeshore Drive.


Another project in Canadian County was on ODOT’s March 18th bid letting.

Two contractors submitted bids for an asphalt pavement rehabilitation project from the US-281 junction extending southeast near Geary:
• Haskell Lemon Construction Co. – $1,079,999
• T.J. Campbell Construction Co. – $1,304,050.60

Project length is 4.21 miles. A contract for this project is due to be awarded at the April 5th Oklahoma Transportation Commission meeting.