Help with COVID-19 appointments now available in Yukon

Older adults, those with disabilities assisted by Compassionate Hands

Colleen Green of Compassionate Hands of Yukon has helped make vans available to take older adults and those with disabilities to their appointments for COVID-19 vaccines. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

As more and more Oklahomans are vaccinated for COVID-19, more and more people seem to also have trouble making their appointments and getting there for the doses, said Joanne Riley, Director of Compassionate Hands of Yukon.

Compassionate Hands has vans available to take people with disabilities and adults 55 and over to their vaccine appointments.

There is a growing need to help people travel to their appointments, Riley said. And there are still many people having trouble making or getting an appointment, she said.

“There are still a lot of people who need vaccines,” Riley said. “I know many people who have been trying, have tried and are still trying.”

Riley said some older adults may have trouble setting their appointments online or by Iphones.


The Yukon-based nonprofit regularly offers van rides for residents who need to go on errands in a 30-mile radius.

Rides are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. As the weather has improved for travel, more people are getting out.

But many older adults are having to travel further distances for vaccines, with some going as far away as Altus, Riley said.

“It is not always a matter of us providing the ride. It is a matter of people getting an appointment. I know some people will work on filling out the information for an appointment and by the time they are done the appointment is filled,” Riley said.

She said Compassionate Hands is ready to take a Yukon resident to one appointment made for March 26.

Riley said anyone who gets a vaccine appointment made for a date in the near future should call Compassionate Hands right away if they need a ride.

People who need an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine can visit

For more information about getting a vaccine call (405) 425-4489.

There had been 1,159,199 doses of the vaccine administered in Oklahoma as of Tuesday morning, March 16.

The reach Compassionate Hands call (405) 354-9591.