20 elections on Canadian County ballots

Polling places open April 6 for 16 entities across county

Canadian County Election Board staff members prepare for the Tuesday, April 6 elections across Canadian County: From left, Shelly Wigington, Jenny Schweitzer, Election Board Secretary Wanda Armold, and Allen Arnold. Sixteen separate entities are having 20 elections in Canadian County. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

There will be 20 elections next Tuesday, April 6 across Canadian County voting precincts.

Voters will mark ballots for one Oklahoma State Senate district, 10 municipal offices and nine school board seats in 48 Canadian County precincts.

Sixteen separate entities are having elections in Canadian County next Tuesday.

“I’m only using extra workers in two of my very large precincts,” Canadian County Election Board Wanda Armold said. “I don’t look for people to be standing in line for a block or anything.

“I know the Senate District 22 race may stir some interest, but unfortunately – as past history shows – people don’t get out and vote in school and municipal elections like they should.”

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. April 6 on election day. Elections on ballots across Canadian County will be:
• State Senate District 22 General Election
• City of Oklahoma City Ward 1 General Election
• City of Oklahoma City Ward 3 General Election
• Cashion School Board Election
• Piedmont School Board Election
• Yukon School Board Election
• Maple School Board Election
• Mustang School Board Election
• Deer Creek School Board Election
• Banner School Board Election
• Canadian Valley Tech Center School Board Election
• Geary School Board Election
• Town of Calumet Board of Trustees Election
• Town of Calumet Treasurer Election
• Town of Union City Board of Trustees Election
• Town of Okarche Board of Trustees Election
• City of Piedmont Ward 2 Election
• City of Piedmont Ward 4 Election
• City of Geary Ward 2 Election
• City of Geary Clerk/Treasurer Election

Many Canadian County voters will see multiple elections on their ballots.

“I have some precincts that will have six ballots,” Armold said. “Precinct workers are going to have to take the time to make sure everybody gets the right ballots.

“My judges are going to have to be really careful about watching their municipal codes and their school codes in the (voter) registry.”



COVID-19 health and safety protocols will remain in place in the 44 Canadian County polling places open for the April 6th elections.

“Signs will be up suggesting that voters wear masks,” Armold said. “However, you cannot keep somebody from voting because they refuse to wear a mask.”

Three precinct officials are assigned to each polling place – an inspector, judge and clerk.

“We furnish masks and we furnish face shields if my precinct officials want to wear them,” Armold said, “and cleaning disinfectant and gloves. Whatever they might need for that purpose.”

The changes to absentee voting rules previously implemented are no longer in effect, however.

During the 2020 elections, incapacitated voters who wanted to vote by absentee ballot only needed to include a copy of their photo ID – instead of having witnesses on their application.

This time, those voters must have two people witness their signature on the affidavit.

And regular voters must have a notary to notarize their signature when they apply for absentee ballots.

Early voting starts Thursday at the Canadian County Election Board office in El Reno. For more information, call (405) 422-2422.

Polling locations and detailed election information may be accessed through the “OK Voter Portal” link at http://www.elections.ok.gov.