Egg-cited for Easter

Piedmont First Baptist Church members stuff 10,000 plastic eggs for Saturday hunt

Ava Robinett, 12, on the left, holds a purple plastic Easter egg as Erin Livingston, 26, holds a green one to fill up, while Skylar Hansen, 4, right, reaches for another plastic egg to fill as Kaitlyn Robinett, 8, right front, works on one of the 10,000 eggs filled for the Saturday, April 3 Easter egg hunt in downtown Piedmont on Saturday, April 3. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

Jennifer Robinett, Piedmont Baptist Church member, and her daughters Ava, 12 and Kaitlyn, 8, sat at a table, or sat on the floor on Sunday night for the work they had to do.

It might have been a school night, but the church members had 10,000 plastic Easter eggs to fill with candy and Bible scriptures typed on pieces of paper. There were Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, and verses to read in each plastic egg.

“We are stuffing Easter eggs with candy and verses for the community Easter egg hunt,” Robinett said.

The City of Piedmont’s Easter Extravaganza community egg hunt will be 11 a.m. to 2 p.m Saturday.

Erin Livingston, 26, sat on the floor in a circle with helpers Skylar Hansen, 4, Ava and Kaitlyn as they worked to stuff the plastic eggs with candy. They had Jolly Ranchers to put inside each one.


Others helping were Jordan Jones, 15, Lydia Hughes, 15, Haley Taber, Libby Parnell and Brynlee Cope.

Jackson Scott, 13, used Jolly Ranchers to fill egss with Bible verses. He flipped one of the small pieces of paper over and showed the verse side of it. One verse from Romans 10:9 went into an egg for someone to find and put in a basket at the hunt Saturday.

Churches across Canadian County will be open for Easter Sunday services April 4 this year, a year after the COVID-19 pandemic shut many church doors and resulted in event cancellations last year.

The egg hunt will be in the 100 block of Monroe Avenue in downtown Piedmont that will be blocked to vehicle traffic.