Sanders defeats Rowe for Yukon School Board seat

Cannon beats Lewis

Cody Sanders

Cody Sanders has defeated incumbent Don Rowe Tuesday night in a race for a Yukon School Board seat, the State Election Board reports.

With 20 of 20 precincts reporting Tuesday, Sanders had held on to beat Rowe. Rowe had 1,598 votes, 45%, and Sanders had 1,878 votes, 54%, the Oklahoma State Election Board’s unofficial results show.

Suzanne Cannon held onto a commanding 63% lead over Andrew Lewis, who garnered 36% of thevote.

School Board President Cannon, Office 1, of Oklahoma City, and Office 5 board member Don Rowe were in races to keep their seats on the board in April.

Andrew Lewis

Cannon had 63%, 2,208 votes, and Andrew Lewis, of Yukon, had 1,286 votes, 36%.


YPS Board of Education President Suzanne Cannon.
YPS Board of Education Member Don Rowe






In State Senate 22 Tuesday, Molly Ooten, Democrat, lost to Republican Jake Merrick with 27 of 27 precincts reporting, Merrick had 7,415 votes, 65%, to Ooten’s 3,915 votes, 34%.

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