Assistance offered for household water bills after historic storms

Mike Fena

People in low-income households may qualify for assistance in paying their water bills after historic winter storms swept across Oklahoma in late February, the Oklahoma Rural Water Association reports.

As winter storms swept across Oklahoma in mid-February, it left many Oklahomans facing higher than normal utility bills. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services recently announced that federal funding is available for water and wastewater systems, the association reports.

These federal funds will help those hit hardest by the winter storms and the global pandemic.

“This is an opportunity for water and wastewater systems, no matter their size, to help their community as we still feel the effects of the storms,” said Jimmy Seago, Oklahoma Rural Water Association Deputy CEO. “


The Oklahoma Strategic Alliance partners urge all water and wastewater systems to learn more about how funds can be used and how to obtain the funds.

The Oklahoma Strategic Alliance recently partnered with the Oklahoma Municipal League to pool resources and better serve all Oklahomans.

OML Executive Director Mike Fina said it’s critical for water and wastewater systems to assist their communities however possible.

“Oklahomans are still recovering from historic winter storms and it’s important that we focus our attention on the citizens hit hardest,” Fina said. “Municipalities can be the frontline of those efforts by utilizing resources available through federal programs. I encourage all municipalities to learn more about this program and how they can help their most vulnerable citizens.”

For questions about the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program, please email