Yukon Senior Games’ winners unveiled

Compete in more than a dozen categories during 20th annual event

Jan Cooley competes in cornhole during the Yukon Senior Games at the Yukon horseshoe courts at Yukon City Park. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Dozens of participants went home medal winners in Yukon’s popular annual competition for active older adults.

Winners have been announced in the 20th Yukon Senior Games, a week-long tradition open to anyone age 50 years and above.

Some 120 participants registered for this year’s Yukon Senior Games, presented April 12-16 at host sites in Yukon and Oklahoma City.

Several Yukon Parks & Recreation venues hosted events, including the Dale Robertson Center, Jackie Cooper Gym and Yukon City Park.

The most popular event was pickleball, which attracted some 80 participants.

Registration was down some because there was not any track and field events, Yukon Parks & Recreation Director Jan Scott said.

One participant, Yukon City Council Member Rick Cacini, publicly commended Scott and her staff for organizing and presenting the annual Yukon Senior Games.

“They did an outstanding job,” Cacini said. “I joined and had a great time. I played golf, threw horseshoes and threw washers.”

Organizers typically use the Yukon High School track, but it was unavailable due to COVID-19 safety protocols.

The 2021 Yukon Senior Games event winners are:


Men’s Singles (50-54): Buck King

Men’s Singles (65-69): David Skidmore

Men’s Singles (70-74): William Wilson

Men’s Singles (75-79): Lewis Gary

Men’s Singles (80+): Richard Lewis

Women’s Singles (55-59): Karen McAllister

Women’s Singles (65-69): Andrea Jones

Women’s Singles (70-74): Bobbie Vinson

Men’s Doubles (55-59): Griff Henderson/Mark Roberts

Men’s Doubles (60-64): Kurt Jackson/Phillip Willhoite

Men’s Doubles (65-69): Ken Glover/Richard Lewis

Men’s Doubles (70-74): John Bryan/Bill Luckenbach

Men’s Doubles (75-79): Hall Clifford/Steve Shepherd

Women’s Doubles (55-59): Karen McAllister/Beth Soelter

Women’s Doubles (65-69): Jan Cooley/Vicky Noakes

Women’s Doubles (70-74): Jill Fitts/Bobbie Vinson

Mixed Doubles (55-59): Griff Henderson/Karen McAllister

Mixed Doubles (60-64): Leslie Towry/Larry Wiggins

Mixed Doubles (65-69): Vicky Noakes/David Skidmore

Mixed Doubles (70-74): Bobbie Vinson/Bill Luckenbach

Mixed Doubles (75-79): Hal Clifford/Jane Veal


Women’s Plank (70-74): Carma Branscum

Women’s Push-Ups (70-74): Carma Branscum

Women’s Sit-Ups (70-74): Carma Branscum

Men’s Plank (65-69): Stan Spears


Men’s Singles: Pete Stapperfend


Women’s Dribbling (60-64): Lori Rupert

Women’s Dribbling (65-69): Doris Harris

Women’s Dribbling (70-74): Rita Ajao

Women’s Hot Shot (50-54): Cindy Hooper

Women’s Hot Shot (60-64): Lori Rupert

Women’s Hot Shot (65-69): Doris Harris

Women’s Hot Shot (70-74): Rita Ajao

Women’s Free Throws (50-54): Cindy Hooper

Women’s Free Throws (60-64): Lois Rupert

Women’s Free Throws (65-69): Doris Harris

Women’s Free Throws (70-74): Rita Ajao

Women’s Three-Point (50-54): Jewel McCullough

Women’s Three-Point (60-64): Edwina Butler-Wolfe

Women’s Three-Point (65-69): Doris Harris

Women’s Three-Point (70-74): Rita Ajao

Men’s Free Throws (50-54): Chris Branscum

Men’s Free Throws (55-59): Bruce Steward

Men’s Free Throws (60-64): Geron Stangeland

Men’s Free Throws (65-69): Bob Kleuser

Men’s Dribbling (50-54): Chris Branscum

Men’s Hot Shot (50-54): Chris Branscum

Men’s Hot Shot (55-59): Bruce Steward

Men’s Hot Shot (60-64): Geron Stangeland

Men’s Three-Point (50-54): Chris Branscum

Men’s Three-Point (55-59): Bruce Steward

Men’s Three-Point (60-64): Geron Stangeland

Men’s Three-Point (65-69): Bob Kleuser

Women’s Three Vs. Three: Angela USA


55-59: Luke Rice

60-64: Rodney Bynum

65-69: Joe Bynum

70-74: David Sloan


50-54: Robert Wiebelt

65-69: Robert Neely

70-74: Al Pilaski

75-79: Brian Budzien


Men’s (70-74): Tom Wooldridge

Men’s (75-79): Don Gragg

Men’s (80+): Marvin Compton

Women’s (70-74): Wanda Gragg


Women’s (55-59): LeeAnn Fairlie

Women’s (65-69): Jan Cooley

Women’s (75-79): Opal Jones

Men’s (65-69): Ron Agnew

Men’s (70-74): Ken Ryel

Men’s (75-79): Don Gragg

Men’s (80+): Jim Crockett


Women’s (55-59): Linda Morgan

Women’s (60-64): Kathleen Perez

Men’s (65-69): Ron Agnew

Men’s (70-74): Ken Ryel

Men’s (80+): Jim Crockett


Women’s (55-59): Linda Morgan

Men’s (65-69): Ron Agnew

Men’s (75-79): Don Gragg


Women’s Singles (60-64): Kathleen Perez

Women’s Singles (65-69): Sharon Billings

Women’s Singles (75-79): Evelyn Smith

Men’s Singles (65-69): David Herford

Men’s Singles (75-79): Homer Cobb

Men’s Singles (80+): Bill Ruhman

Mixed Doubles (60-64): Homer Cobb/Karen Smith

Mixed Doubles (65-69): Dallas Billings/Sharon Billings

Mixed Doubles (75-79): Lewis Gary/Evelyn Smith

Women’s Doubles (60-64): Sharon Billings/Karen Smith

Men’s Doubles (75-79): Dallas Billings/Homer Cobb


Photography: Una Belle Townsend

Poetry: Floyd Spiva

Two-Dimensional Art: Joanne Oltmanns

Three-Dimensional Art: Linda Morgan