A Huge Haul: Yukon neighborhoods a lot cleaner

Crews collect 3,330 cu yards of bulk trash, 650 cu yards of limbs in Yukon's spring clean-up effort

A City of Yukon sanitation truck picks up large trash during a recent weekly curbside “Big Junk” event. Crews collected 3,330 cubic yards of bulk trash and 650 cubic yards of tree limbs during the spring clean-up effort. (Photo provided)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

It was a huge haul, and Yukon neighborhoods now look a lot cleaner.

Yukon Sanitation crews picked up 3,330 cubic yards of bulk trash, 650 cubic yards of tree limbs and 20.84 tons of tree limbs during a week-long curbside “Big Junk” event.

City of Yukon personnel helped Yukon residents get rid of large junk items after spring cleaning at their homes during the recent effort.

“Residents were happy to see us,” Yukon Sanitation Director Bill Stover reported. “Some had been waiting for the curbside pickup for a while because of the cancellation of the fall (2020) event due to the COVID pandemic.”

Many Yukon residents were still dealing with debris from the last ice storm, which caused significant damage to trees and shrubs.

Provided by Yukon Sanitation Services, a free curbside pickup service was offered April 19-23 across Yukon.

Sanitation personnel accepted household appliances, furniture, mattresses, carpeting, tree trimming and branches, yard waste, fence panels, glass, mirrors, and more during the Big Junk event.

“I think the event went really well,” Stover said. “I don’t think the town has looked this clean of debris in some time.

“We completed it in a timely manner and residents got a chance to get rid of unwanted items, including the last of the tree debris from the ice storm.”

More large trash and other items – such as tires, waste oil, electronics, and batteries – were accepted during a spring Big Junk/Recycle Event on April 17 at the Yukon Transfer Station, 501 Ash. Disposal fees were waived.

Sixty-one visitors used the drop-off recycling center that Saturday.

Some 119 customers brought these items: 55 tires, 250 gallons of oil/antifreeze, 13 freon items, 40 televisions and monitors, and 15 batteries.

Yukon residents leave large junk and tree debris at their curbs during the week of April 19-23 for free disposal by Yukon Sanitation Services. (Photo provided)


City of Yukon and contractor personnel moved efficiently through Yukon neighborhoods during the week-long Big Junk event.

“We used the same organizational strategy we used during the last ice storm,” Stover explained. “With that being said, it was really the employees that made this look easy.”

There were 14 city employees from the Sanitation, Water/Sewer and Street departments. Helping were four employees from Arbor Masters and other temporary helpers from Force Personnel Services.

“You couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys!” Stover said. “Their tenacity and dedication to working long hours to complete this task can’t be denied.”

There also were many “treasure hunters” who picked through the piles even before large trucks passed through neighborhoods.

Big Junk crews used several trucks and other vehicles to collect all the bulk trash and tree limbs left curbside: Large grapple trucks, rear loaders, bus, pickups, and trailers.

The city’s semi-truck and 100-yard trailer hauled all items to the landfill for disposal.

Yukon’s sanitation director thanked residents who knew what items they could leave at their curbs that week.

“For the most part, instructions for pickup were followed,” Stover noted. “However, we did encounter materials that should have been brought to the Saturday event free of charge.

“These are materials that need special handling and need to be diverted from the landfill.”

Any especially interesting item left out at the curb during Yukon’s Big Junk event?

“Yes, a piano,” Stover replied. “To a standing ovation from a rear loader crew, it played its last recital.”