Don’t wait until it gets hot to service your air conditioner, local experts say

Terry Sorrels, president of Terry’s American, left and Stacy Herron, right, have been gearing up for the seasonal uptick in calls for heating and air tune-ups at homes and businesses as the warmer summer months approach. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley
Managing Editor

It was late in the week, and the calls for the seasonal tune-ups were picking up for service at Terry’s American located halfway between Yukon and Edmond.

No one wants to wait until Oklahoma’s temperatures are in the 90s or hotter to find out their air conditioner is broken. So, spring is the time to have those heating and air systems in homes and businesses tuned up and serviced.

But for air conditioning crews, the temperature outdoors has to be 65 degrees to properly service the system, said Terry Sorrels, president of Terry’s American, 8200 N. Glade, in northwest Oklahoma City.

The temperature at 10:30 a.m. was 66 degrees on Thursday, May 6, barely warm enough to get to work.“We’ve been having to wait until about 11 a.m.,” Sorrels said. “The only challenges we have is it has to be over 65 degrees for our guys to do a true tune-up. We can check refrigerant and get a real reading with what is going on with the system. Like today we have several scheduled, but it will be 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. before the guys can start working today. There is a good chance if you have it tuned up with maintenance you will not break down in the summer.”


Temperatures were expected to be in the 80s Saturday, but then will be in the mid-60s through May 12.

“This time of year, we’re trying to get into people’s homes to get their maintenance agreements done to give their AC tune-ups. Most of the people are existing customers and we are bringing on new customers to do maintenance on their equipment,” Sorrels said.

For the plumbing needs in May, the work is in sewer lines and water heaters after winter.

Electrical service calls are year-round.

“With electric it is just all the time it is something going on with switches, panels, electric wiring, so it is constant,” Sorrels said.

Sorrels has owned the company for eight years, after purchasing Baxter Electric, started by Robert Baxter in Edmond, City Plumbing and Dahl Heat and Air.

Francesca Perkins, electrical and heating and air lead coordinator, Rhonda Jackson, electrical and heating and air lead coordinator, and Stephanie Liske, plumbing lead coordinator, were all busy this week taking calls from local customers for service.

Terry’s American can be reached at (405) 341-3941.