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Local coffeehouse stirring up delicious on Route 66 wins Yukon Chamber’s Small Business of the Year

The Small Business of the Year Award for Yukon this year went to Mike Gray, owner of Vacca Territory Creamery & Coffeehouse. The award was announced during the Yukon Chamber of Commerce “Yukon’s Best Roundup Awards & Auction” on April 30. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

The Yukon Chamber of Commerce awarded Vacca Territory Creamery & Coffeehouse with the Small Business of the Year Award at the Chamber’s “Yukon’s Best Roundup & Auction” on April 30.

Owner Mike Gray said, “First we had a vision of opening a creamery, and later noticed downtown Yukon also had a market gap for a locally owned coffeehouse as well. We noticed a real need for a locally owned business that provides a unique coffeehouse experience as well as handmade ice cream. We feel we’re adding a unique addition on historic Route 66.”

Founded in 2017, Vacca Territory Creamery & Coffeehouse is located at 10 W. Main Street/Route 66 in Yukon. The owners chose to locate their business in a re-imagined grocery store in order to be part of the revitalization of Yukon’s historic downtown Main Street corridor. The business owner brings experiences in travel, coffee, food, and ice cream to one easily accessible location.


Vacca, the Italian word for “cow,” refers to the handmade ice cream the business serves. The word “territory” refers to the area where the business is located, which in this case is Yukon. The business strives to be a reflection of Yukon’s evolving needs and loyal customers.

The homemade, small batch Italian Semifreddo (half frozen ice cream) is made onsite, using an Italian method that does not use traditional ice cream churn machines. All of the ingredients are whipped and hand folded prior to freezing, thus reducing the ice crystals you find in traditional ice cream, and allowing all of the flavors to come through. Only real ingredients are used, such as fresh cream, cane sugar, eggs, fresh fruit, butter, nuts, honey, chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter.

Vacca Territory has a “Breakfast All Day Menu,” and also serves unique pastries and specialty handcrafted coffees. With 4,533 Facebook followers, the venue offers an outdoor patio, and free Wi-Fi.

The Chamber’s annual Small Business of the Year Award is given to a business that has been in operation for at least three years before being nominated, that employs less than seven people, and that contributes significantly to the quality of life within the community by offering safe, stable, and equitable employment to its employees, offering exemplary service, products, or value, or providing unique services that enrich or improve the lives of people within the community.