Local church bounces back from pandemic

80% of worshipers are back in person, annual sports camp set for June 7

Carlon Tschetter is senior pastor at Covenant Community Church, located at 2250 S. Yukon Parkway in Yukon. (Photo by Carol Mowdy Bond)

By Carol Mowdy Bond
Contributing Writer

Covenant Community Church, CCC, located at 2250 S. Yukon Parkway in Yukon, is close to having 80% of worshippers back in the building. And their annual sports camp is accepting registrants for June.

Carlon Tschetter (pronounced like cheddar cheese) has been CCC’s senior pastor since 1991.

“I thought the pandemic would be more of a negative impact on our church than it was.

We’re close to having 80% of our people back. We’ve had a strong return over the last few weeks. During the pandemic, we live streamed from March until latter May. Then we social distanced, and changed how we do our small groups, and other things,” Tschetter said.

CCC has hosted an annual sports camp for over 10 years, but canceled during the 2020 pandemic. However, the sports camp is back this summer, and will be June 7 through June 11, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. each day. The camp includes basketball, cheer, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and art. Space is limited for each sport. The fee per child, registration form, and information is on the church website, or call the church for information.

“We have about 250 kids each year. We didn’t have the sports camp, or any events, last year. So, this will be our first big event since the pandemic began. We have about 100 volunteers. A lot of the sports camp is held outside,” Tschetter said.

A 1991 graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Tschetter said the nondenominational church has a membership of about 850, and an average Sunday worship attendance of about 500 to 600 people.


CCC sits on 50 acres, and includes Southwest Covenant School which began in 1984.

“The church and the school are separate entities with separate boards. But church members started the school and it functions under certain guidelines of the church board, and shares the same campus. The school is building a high school building,” Tschetter said.

“This is a wonderful church family with wonderful, loving people. We want to know God, love others, and live the Gospel, and we are doing that in many ways, including loving our
community,” Tschetter said.

CCC began prior to 1979 with a small Bible study group that was meeting in a home. In 1979, the group chartered the church with about 30 members.

For several years, they rented Yukon’s historic Czech Hall for their meeting place.

In 1979, CCC bought the 50 acres where their current facilities are, and they started building in 1981.

The name “Covenant Community” was chosen to signify the desire to reach and serve the community for Christ.

By 1982, CCC’s membership had grown to 250, and they moved into their current building.
Plans began for

building facilities they have today which include the school building, and a growing sports and recreation complex.

The facilities are all open and available to the public as much as possible.

To connect with Covenant Community Church, or for more information about their worship schedules, go to the website cccyukon.org or call (405) 354-9338.