Adios amigos!

Poquito de Mexico to close in Yukon on Saturday

Carlos Flores will close his Poquito de Mexico restaurant on Saturday, May 29. (Photo by Robert Medley)

The line of people waiting to be seated at Yukon’s oldest Mexican restaurant stretched out the front doors to other businesses along Main Street, just two days before the doors were set to close.

The landmark Mexican eatery is closing for good.

Poquito de Mexico, known for the spicy salsa and guacamole and other Mexican dishes, will close this Saturday, May 29. People have been eating there since 1977.

Three generations of Poquito customers stood by the front door before noon Thursday.

Lexi Joyce, her mother Josi Reed and grandmother Anna Reed waited for their last lunch at Poquito’s.

Three generations of Poquito de Mexico customers, Lexi Joyce, Anna Reed and Josi Reed, wait for their last meal at the landmark Yukon eatery Thursday. The restaurant will close Saturday after 44 years. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Lexi Joyce has been eating at Poquito’s since she was 2 years-old.

“I’ve been coming here my whole life,” Joyce said.

Josi Reed, 45, said she has been eating at Poquito de Mexico for 43 years.

Anna Reed grew up in Warr Acres, and said she does not remember there being another Mexican restaurant in Yukon throughout the decades.

“We have three generations here,” Anna Reed said. “I am sad to see the restaurant go.

“We are not happy about it.”

Anna Reed ordered the enchiladas and tacos for lunch. Joyce said she wanted nachos for her last meal. The beef enchiladas were the choice for Josi Reed.

The most popular items served at Poquito de Mexico throughout the years are chips and salsa, guacamole, cheese enchilada dinners, and, of course, fajitas, co-owner Marcy Flores and worker Laura Benge said.

“The salsa is number one and the guacamole next,” Benge said.

Marcy Flores, co-owner of Poquito de Mexico, 422 W. Main Street, Laura Benge, and Khloe Parks work during their last week in business in Yukon. The restaurant will close Saturday, May 29. (Photo by Robert Medley)

The restaurant was able to survive the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the past 14 months, but owner Marcy Flores said Carlos Flores is planning to move back to Mexico.

Carlos Flores stayed busy serving a tremendous number of customers this week.

The restaurant will be open all day Saturday for its final day in business.

As word spread this week that the restaurant is closing, there were so many customers that Poquito’s ran out of food Tuesday night.

The final chance to enjoy this famous Yukon restaurant is this Saturday. May 29.

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