Online tool to help Canadian County sheriff combat theft

Devon Energy donation to fund 'LeadsOnline' crime-solving technology

Canadian County Undersheriff Kevin Ward

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office will use a large gift to help combat thefts of oilfield equipment and other items using an online tool.

Canadian County Commissioners, at their weekly meeting May 24, approved a resolution allowing the sheriff’s office to accept a $5,500 donation from Devon Energy Corporation.

The funds will be used by the LeadsOnline investigation program, a technology service helping law enforcement catch criminals while helping businesses reduce the hassles of reporting.

“LeadsOnline is a private entity that works with a lot of pawn shops and metal dealers,” Canadian County Undersheriff Kevin Ward explained. “It is $5,500 to purchase a license for the number of deputies that we have.

“We did it a few years ago, and then we quit. Devon has agreed to pay this year. There’s another company that has agreed to cover next year.”


Sheriff’s investigators will use this online tool after reports of oil field thefts in Canadian County.

“It would help in that area,” Ward told county commissioners. “But it’s for any crimes in which (thieves) might try to liquidate that through their pawn shop or metal dealer.”

LeadsOnline supports thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country by helping them solve crimes, according to the company’s website.

LeadsOnline also helps businesses – which typically are required by law to report their transactions to law enforcement – by making reporting easier and more efficient.

This online investigation service has previously been helpful in catching criminals, Ward advised commissioners.

“You can put in those (stolen) items and see if they’ve been pawned,” he said. “You can go in, then get the tickets and start working backwards from there.”