Jet setters headed to El Reno

Airport to offer lower prices on fuel

More jet travel is expected in El Reno with discounted fuel being offered to privately-owned and operated jets and turboprop aircraft. (Photo provided)

By Ray Dyer
El Reno Tribune

Expect more jets to be landing at El Reno Regional Airport and purchasing fuel, said Airport Manager Adam Fox.

Fox said the increase in business is expected after the El Reno Airpark Authority signed an agreement with the Corporate Aircraft Association ,CAA, to offer discounted fuel to those with privately owned and operated jets and turboprop aircraft.

Fox said the CAA offers an exclusive list of “Preferred Fixed Base Operators FBOs/Airports” to its 10,000 members. The agreement was signed on May 18.

El Reno Airpark Authority serves as the governing trust over the El Reno Regional Airport and serves as the FBO, which is unique, as many airports have a third party entity that provides fuel and services to the aircraft that fly in on a daily basis, Fox said.

“On this day not only did the Authority sign an agreement to get more business aviation into El Reno’s airport, but they also changed the way they market their services by using the FBO brand name “El Reno Flight Center.”


Fox said the move will help better market the services provided at the airport.

“This simply is the easiest way for us to distinguish our airport and our services. Our airport is growing daily. The more we can spread our brand, services and city out to businesses across the country, the better.”

Oklahoma’s second largest industry is aviation and aerospace, with more than 1,100 companies that make up $44 billion in economic activity for our state, Fox said.

Assistant City Manager Kent Lagaly, who oversees the airport, said, “Having a strong airport is vital to the success of our community. We hope that aviation
companies looking to expand choose El Reno.”

Fox said more information and updates about the airport can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages.