Ballooning business

Cat's Party World opens in Yukon

Catherine Wise, owner of Cat’s Party World in Yukon, 200 S. Ranchwood Blvd. Suite 23, has party supplies including balloon art for events and for Father’s Day and other parties. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Most of the party supplies are full of air, or at least will be shortly before the party gets started.

Catherine Wise is a balloon artist. And she has opened a store to pursue her passion in the form of party supplies.

Catherine Wise shows some of the Father’s Day uninflated balloons for sale at Cat’s Party World, 200 S. Ranchwood Blvd. in Yukon. (Photo by Robert Medley)

More than a year ago, Wise, a mother of two girls in Yukon Schools, was talking with a friend about balloon art. She gave it a try and found she is a good balloon artist. And there is no better way to show her art than to supply the public for parties.

In March, Wise opened Cat’s Party World, 200 S. Ranchwood Blvd. in Yukon in the strip mall south of the Yukon police station.

“I’ve been working on this for two years with the planning. And I got some advice from another person who has opened a party supply store,” Wise said. “It is something I’ve always wanted to do to own my own business. I like to plan parties and I do a lot of it for my kids, and I decorate their cakes from scratch.”

Her daughter Chloe, 15, will be in the Yukon High School Color Guard, and McKenna, 7, Central Elementary will be in second grade.

Her store is full of colorful balloons.

She sells everything but the food or drink for parties.

“I like to provide basic party needs, tableware products, streamers, decorations, all along that line. And I do something a little additional to it, I order backdrops and I make a garland of balloons around it.”

She said her services are affordable, and she will deliver and set up on location. She has regular store hours but can also be reached all day on Sundays by phone for party needs.


She explained how she learned balloon art.

“I decided to try it out and I decided to do it and I decided to pursue it last year,” Wise said.

She uses an air pump instead of lung power for the balloons, which makes the work a lot quicker when there are so many balloons to blow up.

She has supplied the decorations for a 70th birthday, a 7-year-old’s birthday and a 1-year-old party to name a few.

A garland of balloons is set up over the front table at the store. There is also a fish tank, and children can feed the fish, Goldfish 1 and Goldfish 2.

She charges 80 cents a mile for deliveries of supplies, she said.

Cat’s Party World is open at 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday and she is on-call all day on Sundays and after hours during week days.

She also provides parties for foster children with the help of her husband Joshua Wise if she has to go out-of-town.

She still had plenty of Father’s Day supplies this week.

The best way to find out more about Cat’s Party World is to find her on Facebook or call her at (405) 578-4016.