Patriotic Yukon revelers urged to stay hydrated, let pros pop fireworks

Yukon fire chief shares July 4th holiday weekend advice

Yukon Fire Chief Shawn Vogt

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Stay hydrated outdoors – and leave the fireworks to the pros.

That is the advice Yukon Fire Chief Shawn Vogt shared this week as Yukon residents prepare for the City of Yukon’s annual Independence Day weekend festivities.

Chief Vogt will not offer fireworks safety advice because these celebratory explosive devices are strictly forbidden in Yukon.

“People should leave it to the professionals to pop the big fireworks,” Chief Vogt said. “I encourage individuals and families to come out to the park this weekend and enjoy our supervised fireworks displays.

“We want everyone to be safe and remind them to stay hydrated when out in the weather. That’s about all I can say because they’re illegal in our city limits.”

The sale, possession or discharge of fireworks is forbidden under the City of Yukon’s code of ordinances.

Anyone caught with fireworks inside Yukon’s corporate boundaries is subject to a $271 fine.

Since some neighboring municipalities do allow the public to discharge fireworks, Yukon’s fire chief warned about the dangers they pose.

“I don’t think kids realize nowadays how powerful some of these things are,” Vogt said. “None of them are foolproof. One little mistake can be disastrous. I’d just hate so see someone get hurt when they’re just trying to have fun.”


Professional fireworks shows will be presented about 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, July 3-4 as part of the “Freedom Fest 2021” celebration at Chisholm Trail Park, 500 W Vandament; and Yukon City Park, 2200 S Holly.

“Come out to the park, get some free watermelon and ice cream, and enjoy all kinds of entertainment,” Chief Vogt added.

Yukon residents will bring their lawn chairs and blankets to the Yukon City Park complex and even watch from surrounding neighborhoods.

The Yukon City Council in March approved contracts with ARC Pyrotechnics, Inc. of Guthrie to perform two nighttime fireworks’ shows July 3-4 in Yukon.

The City of Yukon will pay $17,400 for a fireworks’ display lasting about 15-18 minutes at the July 3rd Yukon Veterans’ Tribute and $22,500 for a display lasting about 20-23 minutes on July 4th to close out Freedom Fest 2021.

Yukon fire personnel are on high alert during the Independence Day holiday week to respond to emergencies, whether fire- or medical-related.

Recent rains and lower temperatures have reduced fire and health dangers.