Call it a comeback

Dr. Aaron Wilbanks recovers from COVID-19, Canadian Valley Family Care to reopen

Dr. Aaron Wilbanks was recovering from COVID-19 when water damage due to broken sprinkler system lines from freezing weather in February closed the Canadian Valley Family Care building. Wilbanks was released from a hospital in March and has recovered from the virus. The clinic will reopen in Yukon July 19. (Photo by Robert Medley)

It has been an unfortunate year for those on the frontlines at one Yukon healthcare provider location.

But a doctor has survived COVID-19, and the building is going to reopen.

The Canadian Valley Family Care building at 1491 Health Center Parkway, was closed due to February.

Flooding and water damage. Freezing weather caused broken sprinkler system lines during the wintry blast.

Dr. Aaron Wilbanks, DO, was out with the coronavirus when the damage to the clinic happened, but he has made a full recovery.


The plan is to have a grand opening is coming up on Monday, July 19. Remodeling work is being completed.

Wilbanks missed the water damage. He was hospitalized at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital on Dec.  27 and didn’t get out of the hospital until March 5.

Sub-zero temperatures were too much for the sprinkler system.

Wilbanks was busy recovering his health.

“They did a great job. From there I went to Select Specialty Hospital in Oklahoma City and then was home recovering and physical therapy.

He is working two hours a day until the clinic reopens, and he’ll be on duty eight hours a day again.

Workers have replaced carpet and were busy getting the building ready this week.

Other doctors at the clinic are Dr. Curtis Brown, Dr. James Brown, Dr. Ami Siems, physician assistants, Alex Medgaarden, Andi Krittenbrink, and nurses Lindsay Roof, Nicholas Dorris and Lisa Spence.

To reach the Canadian Valley Family Care clinic call (405) 806-2200.