New business seeks Yukon code variances

Country Equipment to build dealership near I-40/Frisco interchange

Country Equipment will open the company’s fourth dealership at 2001 W Vandament, just east of the new Interstate 40/Frisco Road interchange.

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

An equipment dealer is seeking code variances for a new store it will bring to Yukon.

Country Equipment will open the company’s fourth dealership at 2001 W Vandament, just east of the new Interstate 40/Frisco Road interchange.

The Yukon Board of Adjustments will meet next Monday, July 12 to consider three variance requests to the City of Yukon’s code of ordinances. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. inside the Centennial Building, 12 S 5th.

Country Equipment is seeking board approval for variances to city code regulations for metal buildings, paving and driveways:

  • Code section 204.32 requires metal buildings to have all sides contain at least 75% brick, glass, rock, wood, or other material. The applicant is asking for a variance to have metal on the east and south sides of the building.
  • Code section 406.4 requires all off-street parking areas, aisles and access driveways to be permanently paved with hard-surface payment. The applicant is asking for two variances – one to allow a gravel area for equipment storage only and the second to allow vehicles and/or equipment to be displayed in grassy areas.

The new Country Equipment store will occupy lot one of block one in the Country Equipment Addition to Yukon.

In its application for the zoning variances to the Yukon Board of Adjustments, the applicant explained its requests:

“The building to the east of our proposed dealership has existing exposed metal panels. We feel by exceeding the code requirement of 75% on the readily visible street sides we will not be detracting from the architectural integrity of the area.”
Also, “The exceptional circumstances applying to the property involved may damage a hard surface to the constant moving of heavy equipment. The gravel parking requested will be more easily maintained on a consistent basis.”


Offering a small-town country atmosphere, Country Equipment is a full-service dealer of Kubota, Polaris, SCAG, and Hustler equipment – from yard tools and chain saws to four-wheelers and generators.

“At Country Equipment, we offer a large inventory of genuine factory parts and accessories for all our products,” according to the company’s website. “We also offer residential and commercial grade lawn tractors plus equipment from STIHL.”

The business also has a wide selection of rental-ready equipment.

Country Equipment has stores in Tuttle, Mustang and Oklahoma City.

The company “has a rock-solid reputation of providing excellent service, support and satisfaction,” the website reads. “We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service available, the best parts and accessories, and a staff that understands all aspects of our business.”

The variance requests for Country Equipment’s new facility will be discussed at next Monday night’s Yukon Board of Adjustments’ meeting.

Board members are Chairman Joe Horn, Vice-Chairman Sherry Huston, Buddy Carpenter, Mike McKee, and Rhonda Dennis.