Two drives requested for new Yukon business

Yukon Planning Commission to consider 'curb cut' proposal Monday night

Country Equipment will open the company’s fourth dealership at 2001 W Vandament, just east of the new Interstate 40/Frisco Road interchange.

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A Yukon advisory board next Monday night will consider an equipment dealer’s request for two drives on W Vandament for its new Yukon store.

The Yukon Planning Commission will meet at 7 p.m. July 19 inside the Centennial Building, 12 S 5th.

Commissioners will hear a request by Country Equipment for a second “curb cut” at 2001 W Vandament. The company will open its fourth dealership north of Vandament and east of Frisco Road near the new Interstate 40/Frisco Road interchange.

The proposed drives to serve the new Yukon business would be 200 feet apart.

“The applicant proposes to have one drive for customers and a second for use by those hauling equipment and trailers,” city planner Cindy Wright wrote in a July 1st staff report. “This is proposed for the overall safety of vehicles moving in and through the site.”

Just over half of the four-acre property (front of the site) is dedicated to development of the structure and parking spaces. The rear of the lot is proposed to contain a detention pond and drainage area.

The curb cut/driveway permit application was submitted by Clark Construction of Oklahoma City on behalf of Country Equipment of Tuttle.

“Due to the nature of our business, we believe safety would be best served if we provided a driveway for customers and (an) additional driveway for equipment and trailers,” according to the application. “We believe having the additional drive would be proactive in preventing unnecessary congestion in both the parking lot and possibly the roadway.”



Meanwhile, the Yukon Planning Commission at its July 19th meeting will consider changing Yukon’s city ordinance to increase the permitted minimum lot coverage from 35% to 40% in single-family (R-1) and combined residential (R-2) zoning districts.

Commissioners will hear the request by Assistant City Manager Mitchell Hort on behalf of the City of Yukon.

“The reason for the requested increase in lot coverage is the increasing instances in which homeowners are required to come before the Board of Adjustment and ask for variances due to the desire to construct carports, sheds, home additions and the like on their properties,” city planner Wright stated in a July 1st staff report.

Lot coverage is that percentage of the lot area covered by all buildings and accessory structures built on grade compared to the total area of the lot.

“An appropriately established lot coverage helps to ensure appropriate green areas are reserved and prevents the overbuilding of sites; both these elements help attain the overall desired aesthetics of a neighborhood,” Wright explained.

“However, if lot coverage is too restrictive, it prevents, for example, a homeowner from incorporating typical elements on their site such as storage sheds or pools.”

The average lot coverage is 37.14% for single-family districts and 39.28% for two-family districts among eight central Oklahoma municipalities: Yukon, Oklahoma City, El Reno, Mustang, Norman, Moore, Shawnee, and Piedmont.

Also at next Monday night’s meeting, the Yukon Planning Commission will consider:

  • A request from Tina Nunn of Nunn Construction of Moore for a second curb cut or circular driveway at 901 Granite Court in the Stone Creek Addition. The lot is now vacant.

Yukon Planning Commission members are Chairman Bill Baker, Vice-Chairman Jarrid Wright, David Enmark, Nick Grba, and Jeff Geis.