The Shield turns 75

Shelter Insurance celebrates anniversary

Shelter Insurance office manager Lolly Griffin, left, and Roger Karns, right, are pictured recently at the Roger Karns Shelter Insurance Agency at 111 E. Vanadment Ave. in Yukon. The Karns agency has been in the same location since 1999 and had previously been on E. Main Street. (Photo provided)

Shelter Insurance, based in Columbia, Missouri, is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.

It all started back in 1946 with the Shield in Missouri.

The roots of the company go back to the Missouri Farmers Association Mutual Insurance Company The MFA Mutual Insurance Company began operations Jan. 1, 1946 with seven employees and a $100,000 loan from the Missouri Farmers Association, according to the Shelter Insurance website. Before its 7th anniversary, MFA Mutual was the largest mutual casualty insurance company in Missouri.

In Yukon, today, Roger Karns Shelter Insurance agency is located at 111 E. Vandament Ave.

Mike Snodgrass, insurance producer, left, Lolly Griffin, office manager and sales representative, middle, and Elena Capitol, administrative assistant, right, are pictured at the Roger Karns Shelter Insurance Agency office at 111 E. Vandament Ave. where they have been located since 1999. Griffin’s office was previously on Main Street in Yukon. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Shelter Insurance office manager Lolly (Mathia) Griffin is a Yukon High School graduate who has been with the agency since 1979 in Yukon. The office was on Main Street at 415 E. Main, until moving into the Yukon Hills Plaza office in 1999 where she is currently located with Elena Capitol, administrative assistant, and insurance producer Mike Snodgrass.


Shelter Insurance this summer is offering good deals on homeowners’ policies, Griffin said. Despite the rising cost of real estate, new home construction and housing, there are still discounts offered.

“What we do hasn’t changed because of that (rising costs). People are paying more for a home and perhaps more for insurance. But we have had two rate decreases. So, our rates are excellent,” Griffin said.

New policyholders could get a 40% discount on a new home, 35% discount on a 2-year-old home, 30% discount on a 3-year-old home, 24% discount on a 4-year-old home, 18% on a 5-year-old home, 12% on a 6-year-old home, 6% on a 7-year-old home and a 3% discount on an 8-year-old home.

Coffee mugs and a toy football are found at the Roger Karns Shelter Insurance Agency in Yukon. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Griffin said the agency supports the community and offers two scholarships each year, one to a Yukon High School senior and another one to a Southwest Covenant School senior. This year was the 38th year the scholarships have been awarded.

“We are so proud to have helped generations of Yukon Millers further their educations. In addition, we support the Yukon FFA and the Yukon Alumni Association as well as other organizations that benefit the children of Yukon,” Griffin states.

The Roger Karns Shelter Insurance Agency can be reached at (405) 354-4874.