Yukon School Board to call November bond election

Performing arts, student center, indoor athletic facility proposed


A new indoor facility for the band and athletics, including locker rooms for soccer and track, is part of a Yukon Public Schools bond issue previewed at a school board meeting Monday night.

The school board is expected to call for a November bond issue election to ask voters to fund future buildings such as a college and career center where adults can continue their education through a partnership with Southwestern Oklahoma State University. A performing arts center is part of the plan.

Yukon School Board members Suzanne Cannon and Leonard Wells look at a slide presentation on proposed new buildings to be funded by a bond issue voters could decide in November. (Photo by Robert Medley)

“We’re proposing to build a new facility that encompasses so many things for not only our students but the adults in our community,” said Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth. Simeroth gave a presentation on the proposed buildings to be funded by a voter-approved bond issue.

The bond issue would not raise taxes, Simeroth said.

A special meeting in August will be called to request a bond issue election for November. The exact amount of the bond issue has not been released. The first Tuesday in November is Nov. 2.

The building would have a performing arts center to seat about 1,500 people.

The two-story building would include classrooms. There will be classrooms for healthcare and nursing students.

“There is a great need for nurses,” Simeroth said.

Adults from the community would be able to continue their education, he said.

“We’re going to make that to where it is available to adults,” Simeroth said.

The bond issue would also provide funding for renovations to elementary school exteriors.

An indoor athletic facility can be designed for the band to march indoors on a football field. Softball, baseball and even golf can be practiced inside it, he said.

Safe rooms are also being discussed for school sites.

“We have to have safe rooms on new construction,” Simeroth said.

In the proposal for the bond issue election is a plan to renovate the original Yukon Public Schools Administration Building. The building has black mold and could either be torn down or renovated to use for offices, Simeroth said.

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