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OKC Mosquito Militia busy during outbreak

Evan Brown of OKC Mosquito Militia has been busy during an outbreak this summer. (Photo provided)

It may not take much science to determine there is a mosquito outbreak this year in Oklahoma.

Any time spent outside could result in an itchy mosquito bite or two.

A rainy, cool spring and summer helped the predatory insects thrive.

Evan Brown, 42, has been busier than ever. He established a business called OKC Mosquito Militia in 2014 from his barn where he lives in north Oklahoma City. He started out as the lone bug guy, but he now has seven employees and seven trucks to dispatch to calls.

He said he has been treating about 150 homes and properties a day this summer.

Brown said he wants to help protect the public.

“The mosquitoes are the ultimate infectors. They are silent and deadly, and they can transmit a ton of diseases,” Brown said.


He said his business is up 40% this year compared to last year.

“They are heavier this year than even last year,” Brown said.

Mosquitoes have been known to spread the deadly West Niles virus. West Niles cases may rise as the mosquito season will last longer this year, into November and maybe December, Brown said.

There are a lot of areas that make good breeding grounds for mosquitoes, Brown said.

Only the female mosquito will feed on animals or humans when they are breeding. So, the plan of attack is to stop the breeding as much as possible.

Crews with OKC Mosquito Militia use all natural and environmentally friendly ingredients when fogging for mosquitoes. (Photo provided)

When treating a home for mosquitoes, Brown said he uses an insect growth regulator pellet that is placed in areas of standing water where mosquitoes breed. He uses foggers as well as a repellent and insecticide. The ingredients of wintergreen, peppermint, vanilla, lemongrass and insecticide comes from all natural and are environmentally friendly, he said.

“We are not trying to annihilate everything,” he said. Bats and dragonflies that feed on mosquitoes are not harmed, and the impact on the environment is minimal, he said.

There are a lot of areas around the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and around Yukon where development results in more standing water and mosquito populations thrive near populations of people, he said.

So, there is no lack of areas locally to be treated, he said, especially on the outskirts of cities. He said the treatments for mosquitoes are effective for up to three weeks.

“My interest has always been in protecting the public,” Brown said.

Treatment at most homes is about $69, Brown said.

To reach the OKC Mosquito Militia call (405) 509-3051 or go to