Masks remain an option in Yukon Public Schools

Yukon superintendent monitors situation

Dr. Jason Simeroth

Yukon Public Schools students will continue to wear masks if they want to, but there is no mandate to do so, a district spokesman said Friday.

Masks will now be mandatory for Oklahoma City Public Schools students, as the superintendent in the state’s largest district announced the decision Friday.


Other districts in the state have dropped mandatory masks in classrooms and buildings since legislation prohibited school boards from passing mask mandates without an emergency order from the Governor’s office.

“We are monitoring the situation and information from the state health department,” said Dr. Jason Simeroth, Yukon Public Schools’ superintendent.
“As of now we are continuing to encourage but not require masks and vaccination for those who are eligible,” Simeroth said Friday.
The district opened for the fall semester on Wednesday with over 9,100 students.
Santa Fe South Charter School in Oklahoma City was the first school to mandate masks despite the Governor’s order.
Cases of COVID-19 have surged recently in Canadian County, the Oklahoma Health Department has reported.
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