All the pretty faces

Rochelle Gibson is a permanent makeup artist and micropigmentologist

Rochelle Gibson


A client who leave the office of Rachelle Gibson is not just another pretty face.

They are perfect.

Gibson, a micropigmentologist in Yukon, doesn’t settle for anything less than seeing a beautiful face on a client who becomes more stunning from her creative permanent makeup work. She prides herself on being perfect. She sets brows straight and tightens skin with expert aesthetics. She is there for injections such as Botox. And she does it right, she said.

“We are perfectionist,” Gibson said.

Gibson works in a leased space in the same building as Hometown Dental at 1315 S Holly Avenue in Yukon.

On a recent day, she took a moment to talk about her practice as a client on the chair beneath her wore an infrared mask for a microneedling procedure.

Gibson, who lives in the Yukon area, has 25 years experience as a makeup artist and as an aesthetician, medical micropigmentologist and paramedical tattooist.

She creates three-dimensional areola enhancement for breast cancer patients.

She said her business is growing daily. She has been booking appointments through November.

Meanwhile, she continues to share her expertise in the permanent makeup industry.

“I really cater to my clients. I’m very good at listening and knowing what they desire,” Gibson said. I’m pretty OCD about my work. I make sure that their brows are done to perfection.”

Rochelle Gibson works with a client who is under an infrared mask during a microneedling proceedure to tighten skin. (Photo by Robert Medley)

She specializes in asymmetry for those who come in with uneven brows.

“I’m able to get them corrected. I specialize in the hard stuff. Those who have had botched permanent makeup, I fix,” Gibson said.

She has had women with measurable differences in brows, and she fixes the difference “aesthetically.”

She has a nurse practitioner, Breanna Brown, who works with her who handles the injectables, Botox, skin threading, and IV therapy.

“We are hoping to grow our business, and the reason people should come see us is our acute attention to detail,” Gibson said. “I think our reviews will show that our clients are very happy with our services.”

And attention to detail remains the key.

Gibson can be reached on Facebook at

She is also on Instagram at creativefacespermanentmakeup/.

Gibson can be reached by telephone at (405) 818-5751.