The Route was rocked

Cross Rags and Young play Yukon music

Singer Jason Young played some hometown music at Yukon's Rock The Route Thursday night on Main Street. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Singer Jason Young promised the crowd, “some Yukon music” Thursday night as hundreds of people filled Main Street for Rock The Route.

He delivered under the shadows of the Yukon mills.

Young’s wife Kerri, Peggy Freymiller, Dennis Freymiller, Clayton Williams, Andrea Freymiller and Cristy Williams stood close to the stage.

Kerri Young, Clayton Williams, Peggy Freymiller, Dennis Freymiller, Andrea Freymiller and Cristy Williams watch Cross Rags and Young Thursday night at Rock The Route. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Hundreds more strolled, stood and sat in lawn chairs for several blocks. Police on the scene did not have a crowd estimate.

Kenzlee McMurtrey, 6, Aubree, Ash Redman, 8, with grandmother Shelley Davis, stood in front of the red, white and blue Buck Owens style guitar light display with their own inflatable guitars.

Kenzlee McMurtrey, Aubree, and Ash Redman play inflatable air guitar at Rock the Route. (By Robert Medley)

Kevin Fowler headlined the show. Read The Yukon Progress and follow