Yukon seeks new city judge

George Ramey commended for 47 years of service

Longtime Yukon attorney George Ramey is honored in November 2019 for 50 years in the Oklahoma Bar Association. Ramey served 47 years as Yukon’s municipal judge. (File photo)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Yukon municipal court was canceled Tuesday, Sept. 14 as city officials seek a new municipal judge.

Longtime Yukon attorney George Ramey had served as the City of Yukon’s judge since 1974. He recently moved outside Yukon city limits.

“I’m thankful for all that he has done for this city over the past 47 years,” Mayor Shelli Selby said, “and appreciate his hard work and dedication.”

Yukon city ordinance requires the municipal judge to be a Yukon resident.

“He no longer qualifies to be judge based on the fact that he does not live in the City of Yukon,” Selby explained. “That is in our ordinances – the judge has to reside in the City of Yukon.

“We wish him well in his next adventure.”

An interim municipal judge will serve until city leaders appoint Ramey’s successor, Selby added.


Ramey was honored in November 2019 by the Canadian County Bar Association to celebrate his 50th year as a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Ramey graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1957; he attended Tulsa University Law School, graduating and gaining admission to the bar in 1969.

Yukon municipal court hearings that had been set Sept. 14 were rescheduled for Oct. 12. Anyone with questions should call the Yukon Court Clerk’s Office at (405) 354-4264.