Yukon teacher’s aide remembered by school board

Meeting opens with thoughts for Erin Rhodes and family

Erin Martinez Rhodes, left, has died of COVID-19, school officials report. (Photo provided)


By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

At the Monday night Yukon School Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth opened with comments to remember a teacher’s aide who died of COVID-19 Sunday, Sept. 12.

Erin Rhodes was a pre-kindergarten teacher’s aide at Skyview Elementary School. Her husband Tim Rhodes is a middle school football coach in Yukon.

“It is worth remembering the Rhodes family and what they are going through today,” Simeroth said. “Our hearts go out to the Rhodes family.”

Simeroth also talked Monday night about the upcoming school bond issue for the Yukon district that will be Tuesday, Nov. 9.

“There will be no tax increase,” Simeroth said.

The next school board election for Yukon Public Schools will be Tuesday, Nov. 9, and voters will be asked to approve $194,260,000 in two separate questions to fund buildings and buses.

The first proposal voters will decide is for $189,265,000 for projects including a performing arts and college career center, an indoor activity facility, a high school commons expansion, elementary school and playground renovations and technology.

A separate question will ask voters to approve $4,995,000 for transportation.

Projects include a new college and career center, an indoor athletic facility and other improvements at school sites.


School Board member Suzanne Cannon, Office 1, said she has heard complaints that some of  the district’s staff members have been dealing with abrasive parents and others in recent weeks.

“I want to commend all of our staff, our secretaries our admins. I am hearing that you all are getting yelled at quite a bit. I just want to ask our community to help us unite in kindness. Let’s all be good to each other,” Cannon said.

“Let’s do the right thing for our kids. And that is being kind,” Cannon said.

Leonard Wells, Office 2, said he has not taken too many angry calls since the mask mandate was enacted last week.

Yukon’s administration enacted a mask mandate, but students can opt out of the  requirement, and more than 1,000 students have reportedly opted out districtwide.

Wells complimented the band director, Diana Williams, and accolades were given to coaching staff members in the district at the Monday night meeting.

School Board President Chris Cunningham praised staff for their hard work at the beginning of the fall semester.

“It’s a busy time of year for Yukon Schools,’ Cunningham said.

Meanwhile, the district has about 9,059 students enrolled this fall, almost 1,000 more than last year at this time.

“This is the highest enrollment that Yukon has ever had. And we didn’t see that coming,” Simeroth said.

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