Suspect sought in rash of Yukon auto burglaries

Some 45 vehicles broken into, ransacked outside apartments


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A suspect fled from police after a rash of overnight auto burglaries this week at a Yukon apartment complex.

About 45 vehicles were reportedly broken into late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, Sept. 13-14 at The Park on Westpointe apartments, 301 Pointe Parkway Blvd.

Oklahoma City Police are seeking information that could lead to an arrest in the latest string of vehicle break-ins. The thefts occurred in Oklahoma City limits, south of Reno and east of Mustang Road.

Stolen tools, money and cash were among “numerous” items reported stolen from victims’ ransacked vehicles, according to police.

“They got up that morning to go to work and found their windows busted out and vehicles rummaged through,” Oklahoma City Police Capt. Valerie Littlejohn said. “Some people had left their wallets, money, credit cards, and checkbooks inside.”

The unidentified suspect(s) smashed through many windows to enter vehicles in the parking lot. Broken glass was left across the apartment complex inside and around damaged vehicles.

“They were probably going car-to-car in the complex, breaking windows and taking whatever they thought was valuable that was left inside,” Capt. Littlejohn said.



One suspect was caught breaking into a vehicle in the parking lot when police were called.

“An officer arrived and located a vehicle that the suspect (or suspects) had just stolen from the apartment,” Littlejohn said, reading from a police incident report. “There was a short pursuit and, at some point, the suspect fled on foot.

“The suspect got away.”

Officers did retrieve the stolen vehicle, a Chevrolet 1500 pickup.

Police believe the suspect who drove off in the truck was the same person who was breaking into all the other vehicles at the apartment complex.

There is no suspect description.

Victims have not only lost the stolen property they also must pay to repair their damages vehicles.

Victim Kayla Broomfield told News 9 that her and her husband’s vehicles have been broken into six times since they moved into the apartment complex in November 2020. The latest damage will cost the Broomfield family $650.

Capt. Littlejohn strongly urged apartment dwellers not to leave firearms and other valuables inside their vehicles, especially overnight.

“Anything that could be used to steal your identity like wallets, purses, money, and checks – take those inside with you,” she advised. “Never leave anything valuable in plain view.

“Always park in a lighted area, if you can, and as close to the apartments as possible. That way, you’re more likely to hear something.”

Oklahoma City Police are continuing their investigation into the apartment auto burglaries.