$128K OK’d for Turtle Creek drainage project

Contractor will repair channel damage in Kimbell Park area

Yukon Assistant City Manager Mitchell Hort

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Turtle Creek drainage channel improvements have been authorized.

The Yukon City Council, at its Sept. 7th meeting, approved paying $128,559.96 to repair a damaged part of the drainage channel and extension further to the east of Kimbell Park.

Brewer Construction Oklahoma, the City of Yukon’s contractor, will perform the work.

The total project cost includes $112,473.15 from Brewer Construction and $16,086.81 from the engineering firm TEIM Design for plans, permitting and a hydraulic study.

Assistant City Manager Mitchell Hort on Aug. 17 discussed drainage ditch issues with the Yukon City Council.

He shared photos of erosion and flooding damage in several areas along Turkle Creek and the surrounding area.

Some neighbors have contacted Yukon city personnel because their properties are eroding away.

Kimbell Park lays within the floodplain and floodway.

Hort warned council members that the repairs would not resolve all issues. He noted the water intensity during rain events has increased greatly over the past couple decades.

City Manager Tammy Kretchmar recommended the Turtle Creek drainage channel repair project.

Brewer Construction has a contract with the City of Yukon for concrete, asphalt paving, drainage, water, and sewer projects.



The Yukon City Council, at its Sept. 7th meeting, voted 4-1 to approve an ordinance changing the zoning designation for property at 200 N Yukon Parkway from C-3 (restricted commercial district) to R-2 PUD (combined residential planned unit development district).

At-Large City Council Member Jeff Wootton cast the lone dissenting vote.

The council previously approved rezoning the property to allow applicant Ashton Gray LLC to build 12 duplexes on a 4.73-acre tract of land on the east side of Yukon Parkway north of State Highway 66 (Main Street).

The developer had appealed to the city council after the planning commission recommended denying the rezoning application.

The now-vacant property between a church on the south and a childcare center on the north.