Patriots travel to Enid to face OBA

Weather halts game with Laverne

Laverne’s Mason Massee is gang tackled by a horde of Southwest Covenant defenders. (Photo by Brinlee Zumwalt)

By Chuck Reherman
Sports Editor
For the first time this season when Southwest Covenant takes the field, the opponent on the other side won’t be a top five ranked team.
That Patriots will take to the road for the fourth time this season, traveling north to Enid to take on Oklahoma Bible Academy in a 7 p.m. kickoff.
The Patriots, 0-3, had their game with Laverne canceled in the first quarter by weather and trailing 14-0. OBA, who is playing as an independent after dropping to eightman this season, is 2-1, losing to Regent Prep 67-22. The Patriots had lost 45-0 to Regent Prep the week before.
The Trojans saw a decline in their enrollment and made the switch to eightman which their head coach Chris Cayot said has been an adjustment for the team. Cayot, though, has eightman experience, coaching at Laverne before taking over the OBA reins two seasons ago.
“OBA is a good football team and they just came down from 11-man football,” SWCS head coach John Jensen said. “They talent and kids that are used to covering a big field, so they are good at tackling in space. They are not a top five team, but I am excited for our kids to go and compete against a team with like talent and size. We are excited and we want to see what we can do now.
“Their coach came from Laverne and runs pretty much what Laverne runs with more passing,” Jensen said. “They will get tight with the run game with a lot of sweeps, then will jump out and throw the ball. They throw well, especially to their tight end. They will be a test for us.”
OBA is led by quarterback Bodie Boydstun who threw for 203 yards and the Trojans rushing attack added 302 yards on 44 attempts to run away with a 68-38 win over Hollis in their second week. Jakob Colby and Harry Nunez both caught touchdown passes in the win, and Jud Cheatham can be a threat both in the rushing and passing game.
“The good thing for us is that we got to practice against what OBA does last week because they are so similar to what Laverne does,” Jensen said. “We will need run support from our secondary to have success this week. “They like to run wide and we have to cover their tight end. They will throw to him most of the time and he is a big kid.”
In the game with Laverne, the teams actually started the game early, as a front was rolling in, but got in only minimal play before the storm rolled in an delayed the game.
And, when lightning knocked out power all across town, that put an end to the game.


“We drove all the way out to Laverne and got to play 20 plays,” Jensen said. “We kicked off at 6:45 and you could see the storm off to the north and it got really close, so we went to the locker room and waited for about 20-25 minutes. I told their coach we would hang around until 8 p.m. since it wasn’t a district game.
“At 7:35 or 7:40, power to the whole town went out,” he said. “The kids got dressed to their cell phone lights and on the way home we saw cars turned over and rotation in some of the clouds. And, there was water everywhere. It was a long drive for only 20 plays.
“With the exception of a couple of simple mistakes, those 20 plays were really solid.”