Ice rink will be back for Yukon light festival

Outdoor skating to return at ‘Christmas in the Park’

The outdoor ice rink was a huge attraction during last year's "Christmas in the Park." The Yukon City Council recently signed a contract with ICE Challenge Enterprises to bring the skating rink back to Chisholm Trail Park, 500 W Vandament. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

An outdoor ice rink will return for a second year at Yukon’s premier holiday lights spectacular.

City of Yukon officials have inked an agreement with ICE Challenge Enterprises LLC to again have skating rink during the annual “Christmas in the Park.”

The Edmond company will construct, operate and dismantle a “temporary outdoor ice rink” at Chisholm Trail Park (500 W Vandament), according to the contract dated July 21.

ICE Challenge Enterprises will provide the 75-foot by 52-foot outdoor ice-skating rink from Nov. 20 through Jan. 2, 2022.

The rink “must be operational” by 3 p.m. Nov. 18, the agreement reads.

The skating rink was a smash hit during last year’s 25th anniversary yuletide light festival.

The public enjoyed skating so much the Yukon City Council already approved the agreement for a second year.

Yukon City Council Member Jeff Wootton

Yukon City Council Member Jeff Wootton is excited Yukon gets the opportunity to host the ice rink again at Christmas in the Park.

“This is such a great chance for families and friends to come down to the park and do something that isn’t a normal activity for Yukon,” he said. “It’s amazing seeing all ages enjoying spending time together and having fun.”

Wootton’s son Van also is a big fan of the skating rink.

“It’s a good, fun activity that you wouldn’t get to do normally at the park,” Van said.

ICE Challenge Enterprises will keep 100% of revenue until $115,000 then will split revenue 50/50 with the City of Yukon.

General admission will be $13 per person or $9 without skate rental. Admission price is $9 for children 5 years and under.

Group rates will be $9 each for 10-30 skaters and $8 each for 31+ skaters.

ICE Challenge Enterprises will be responsible for booking and scheduling all groups and private ice time.

The City of Yukon will be responsible for all electrical and water costs.

The ice rink will close during “abnormal” weather conditions:

  • Prolonged wind from the south with speeds exceeding 23 mph
  • 100% humidity/rain
  • Temperatures exceeding 72-degree Fahrenheit

The agreement with the City of Yukon was signed by Dmitri Logoutine, owner/operator of ICE Challenge Enterprises.



The outdoor ice rink was a featured attraction of the 2020 Christmas in the Park in Yukon, helping make the epic light festival a grand success.

“We had about 8,000 ice skaters,” City of Yukon public information officer Jenna Roberson said. “The rink was open from November 22 through January 4.”

Popular displays were an RGB Tree, color-changing Christmas tree island and several “selfie” stations.

Long lines of vehicles were common during the 2020 edition of Christmas in the Park, which was open for about 40 days at the interconnecting Chisholm Trail Park, Yukon City Park and Freedom Trail Park.

Yukon’s illuminated yuletide extravaganza features some 4.5-plus million lights and about 450 unique displays across 100 rolling acres. Drive-thru and walking tours are available.

Official traffic counts provided by the City of Yukon show 32,104 vehicles went through Freedom Trail Park, 41,772 vehicles through Chisholm Trail Park and 29,654 vehicles through Yukon City Park.

Traffic counts were “just under” record-high totals reported in 2018, according to Roberson.

Meanwhile, “Santa Express” train riders at Chisholm Trail Park totaled 24,512 for the season.