Yukon teachers to receive $1,000 stipend

CARES Act funds will be used for staff members.

Dr. Jason Simeroth

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

A one-time stipend is ahead for Yukon teachers from the CARES Act funds the district received.

Full-time staff members will receive $1,000 apiece Nov. 10. About 956 school employees will receive about $1.2 million, a district official reports.

In efforts to retain employees, funds will be used for staff members, said Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth.

“We have developed this stipend,” Simeroth said. “It is a one-time stipend for all staff.”

“It is designed to show the importance of staff, to help us retain staff and to recruit for the future,” Simeroth said.


A resolution was approved by board members at the Monday night school board meeting.

“The Yukon Public School Board of Education recognizes the importance of recruiting and retaining employees during the 2021-2022 school year,” the resolution reads.

“In recognition of the additional efforts required of our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic to create a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning for all students, a recommendation has been made by the board of education of a one-time non-recurring stipend.”

Employees must have been on staff since Aug. 1. The superintendent is not included in receiving the stipend. Part-time staff will get $650.

School Board member Leonard Wells said, “I think it is fantastic that we are able to do something.”

Audience members at the Monday night board meeting applauded when the stipends were unanimously approved by board members.

“This is our way of showing our debt of gratitude to those who make Yukon Public
Schools great,” Simeroth said. “One of our top priorities is to retain
and recruit the best teachers possible in Oklahoma.”
Employees must have started working at the school on Oct. 1 to receive the stipend. Most part-time staff will be eligible for a prorated stipend.

District officials are now working to fill open teaching positions in the district.