YPD officers to wear body cameras

City of Yukon will pay $170,100 over five years, have cloud-based video storage

Yukon Police Chief John Corn

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Yukon police officers are getting body cameras.

Body camera units, software, hardware, and evidentiary video is being acquired by the Yukon Police Department.

The City of Yukon will pay $170,100 over five years ($34,020 annually), the city council agreed at its Oct. 19th meeting. The purchase was previously approved in the 2021-22 capital improvements budget.

Yukon Police Chief John Corn recommended buying the 50 body-worn cameras and related equipment from WatchGuard Video of Allen, Texas.

On-duty Yukon officers will start wearing the cameras on their uniforms after being trained in their use.

Video recorded by the body cameras will be YPD property, Chief Corn explained.

“It’s cloud-based storage at 50 gigabytes per unit,” Corn told city council members. “The storage is ‘pooled’.”

As with any “hard” document, Yukon Police must keep evidentiary video for a specified time.

“We’ll have to follow the same statutory requirements for the retention of the video that we take on the scene of anything,” the police chief explained. “That is going to vary by type of incident. Traffic stops – 180 days. Capital crime – that’s indefinite.”

Body camera video was used extensively during the investigation and trial of Derek Chauvin, a former Minnesota police officer convicted this spring with first-degree murder in the death of George Floyd.

Other officer-involved incidents captured by body cameras also have received widespread attention in recent years.

Under Oklahoma state statutes, police body cam video must be released upon request – unless it specifically pertains to a criminal investigation

Meanwhile, YPD officers assigned to a multi-jurisdictional tactical team will receive specialized armor equipment – also approved in the 2021-22 budget. The city council OK’d the $27,978.59 purchase from COPS Products.



The City of Yukon has bought a new $302,545 trash truck – but it’s expected to take another year to arrive.

The city council on Oct. 19 approved spending $152,549 for a 2022 Mack MP7 sanitation side-loader and $149,896 for a 2021 Labrie chassis (body).

Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams recommended the purchase, which was approved in the 2021-22 capital improvements budget.

“We will need to place the order as soon as possible since the earliest delivery date will (be) next October 2022 because of the economy’s volatility,” Adams wrote in a memo to city council members.

The new sanitation vehicle is being bought from Bruckner’s Truck Sales and J&R Equipment off state contract. The Mack truck has a 60-month, 250,000-mile warranty.