COVID-19 deaths increase in Yukon

State Department of Health releases report for Oct. 20

Cases of COVID-19 deaths increase in Yukon and Canadian County.

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

Yukon has had the 127th death from COVID-19, a number that is 21 more deaths since the last count reported a week ago by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

There were 106 Yukon deaths from COVID-19 reported by the state on Oct. 13.

On Oct. 20, the state health department reported 127 deaths in Yukon, and there have been 12,787 cases and 12,479 people fully recover.

An update to reporting the number of cases and total number of deaths since the pandemic started was made this week by the state health department, said Maggie Jackson, Canadian County Health Department spokeswoman.

The update in the system resulted in the increased numbers reported, Jackson explained.


INTEGRIS Canadian Valley hospital has had a few deaths over the past week, officials said. The explanation for the high number of deaths in the past week could also be from the deaths of people who are from Yukon, but may not have died here, a hospital official said.

“We have had a couple of deaths over the last week or so, but not 21. As we know, this (data) is based on their (deceased) home address and not necessarily where they may have been for hospitalization,” said Teresa Gray, Chief Hospital Executive at INTEGRIS Canadian Valley Hospital.

Gray said with the vaccine rollout and the decline in cases across the state, the healthcare workers are hopeful they will see such a trend continuing.

“They are fatigued and ready to have some relief from the pandemic. The past year and a half has taken a toll on them physically and mentally,” Gray said.

Meanwhile, Canadian County has had 280 deaths, an increase from 238 deaths reported Oct. 13. Canadian County has had 22,956 cases and 22,332 people recover.

Mustang has had 66 deaths, 3,949 cases and 3,814 people fully recover.

El Reno has had 60 deaths, 3,164 cases and 3,070 people recover.

Piedmont has had 12 deaths, 1,727 cases and 1,676 people fully recover.

Okarche has had seven deaths, 302 cases and 295 people have recovered.

Calumet has had three deaths, 184 cases and 181 people have recovered.

The state has reported 10,540 deaths, and 1,942,273 people have been fully vaccinated.