Engineer chosen for Canadian County parking lot upgrades

Commissioners move ahead with juvenile center, assessor’s office project

Dave Anderson

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – Parking lots outside two Canadian County government buildings are due a makeover.

Canadian County Commissioners want to reconstruct parking lots at the Canadian County Children’s Justice Center, 7905 E Hwy 66; and Canadian County Assessor’s Office, 200 N Choctaw.

At District 2 Commissioner Dave Anderson’s recommendation, the commissioners on Oct. 25 agreed to have “on-call” county engineer GUY Engineering Services develop specifications and design plans for the project.

They will use geo-technical data the county obtained during previous projects.

Anderson, at the last two county commissioners’ meetings, suggested the county seek bids from outside contractors to build the new parking lots.

“Our guys are ‘covered up’ keeping up with our own responsibilities,” Anderson said, referring to county district road crews.

“We’re busy and I know you (other commissioners) are. Taking the time to do a parking lot this involved at the juvenile center would be counter-productive to my schedule.”

At the Oct. 18th meeting, District 3 Commissioner Jack Stewart and District 1 Commissioner Marc Hader suggested the “prep work” for these parking lot improvements could be done “in-house”.

One possible option was to use county personnel and equipment to mill the existing surface, haul off materials, and rebuild the subgrade to stabilize the base. Then use contractors to lay new pavement and paint striping on the parking lots.

All three commissioners “would be involved with” the project, Stewart said at the Oct. 25th meeting.

“You’re right; we’re busy as we can be,” Stewart told Anderson. “But I think (county crews) can do it. I can see we can do it with a contractor also.”



Canadian County Assessor Matt Wehmuller told commissioners Oct. 18 he hopes to see “something that’s quality that’s going to last” for the new assessor’s office parking lot.

He suggested installing a concrete surface (instead of asphalt) with angled parking.

Canadian County Assessor Matt Wehmuller

The assessor’s parking lot was last repaired in 2012. For several years, county funds have been budgeted for the next parking lot upgrade.

Wehmuller offered to cover part of the project cost using funds that had been budgeted – but not spent – for a new assessor’s office vehicle.

Wehmuller on Oct. 25 told commissioners he “would like to be involved” in engineering the new assessor’s office parking lot.

Many vehicles will have to be moved during the parking lot construction.

At the juvenile center, Anderson noted, some vehicles belong to Red Rock Counseling and the state Department of Human Services. He said this will require coordination, scheduling and signage during the project.