Variance request aims to reduce coffee shop parking congestion

Builder plans nine parking spaces next to new home, shop

Tommy Crabtree

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A city code variance request that may help reduce parking congestion near a Main Street coffee shop heads the agenda of the next Yukon Board of Adjustments’ meeting.

The board will convene at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 1 inside the council chambers of the Centennial Building, 12 S 5th.

Members will consider a request from Davis Crabtree Properties LLC for variances to the Yukon city code’s front yard setback, side yard setback, rear setback, and minimum lot frontage requirements to allow a house and shop with parking spaces at 24 S 8th Street.

Applicant Tommy Crabtree proposes to build a new 1,400 square foot, 29-foot-tall, two-story home and a 30- by 40-foot detached shop, according to the variance application.

The Yukon builder says he plans to add nine parking spaces to help with the “parking situation” on 8th Street.

“We will add parking along the alley that can be used by our employees and customers (of Crabtree Homes) as well as customers of the Red Bird Coffee House” near 8th and Main, Crabtree wrote in an email to Yukon city officials.

“This project will have a very similar look to the Red Bird coffee shop and our offices/courtyard that are currently diagonal from this property backing up to the same alley as this 8th Street lot.”

Also at the Nov. 1st meeting, the Yukon Board of Adjustments will consider:

  • A request from Ed Hatley for variances to the city code’s residential district setback, side yard setback, rear setback, and minimum side yard width requirements. The Yukon resident wants to install a pavilion (accessory structure) next to a swimming pool behind a home in the 220 block of E Parkland.

Yukon Board of Adjustments’ members are Chairman Joe Horn, Vice-Chairman Sherry Huston, Buddy Carpenter, Mike McKee, and Rhonda Dennis.