Taking it to the Next Level

Pergolas cover patios as built by Canadian County crew

Kirby Woolard, left, and Justin Barnes, hold a beam for the pergola they built this week. (Photo by Robert Medley)

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

Kirby Woolard picked up a heavy, red cedar beam and tucked it under his right arm as he approached the ladder.

On the other end of the beam was Justin Barnes, who held it steady as they climbed ladders to the roof of the house. Woolard began to take measurements as the ground crew used a level to keep the support column in the right place before the big beam was fastened to what would become a new pergola, a backyard, custom cover on the back patio of an existing home near County Line Road and Wilshire Boulevard.

Kirby Woolard of Next Level Pergolas climbs a ladder with a red cedar beam under his arm. His company builds about three pergolas a week in the Canadian County area. (Photo by Robert Medley)

The two men work for their own company, Next Level Pergolas. They build about three pergolas a week in the Canadian County area.

“This is a 14-foot by 20-foot pergola that has the two sky lifts that will come all the way out to the edge of the patio. And then we put the polycarbonate, UV protective plastic over that,” Woolard explained.

A pergola will increase the value of a new or existing home, said Grant Barnes, who is the father of Justin Barnes, and the Next Level sales manager.

From left to right, Justin Barnes, Morgan Woolard, Kirby Woolard and Grant Barnes, stand in front of a
pergola under construction by their company Next Level Pergolas. (Photo by Robert Medley)

“A pergola is a really good investment,” Grant Barnes said.

Kirby Woolard, 30, lives in El Reno. He learned how to build pergolas about a decade ago working for another company.

“I learned everything I needed to know,” Kirby Woolard said. He started Next Level in 2020. His wife Morgan Woolard also works for the company.


Woolard said a pergola is a luxury for those who want to sit out on the back patio but avoid the elements such as bright sun or rain.

“It is another living area, pretty much.” Kirby Woolard said.

Grant Barnes lived in Yukon for 12 years.  The work on a pergola will take one to two days.

Jamie and Kyle Kuykendall stood near the finished product at their home.

Jamie Kuykendall and Kyle Kuykendall stand in front of their new pergola covering their back patio. The pergola was built by Next Level Pergolas. (Photo by Robert Medley)

“We couldn’t be happier with it, for sure,” Kyle Kuykendall said. “They came out yesterday and worked hard and it looks fantastic.”

To reach Next Level call 405-819-8827 or email nextlevelpergolas@outlook.com. Next Level Pergolas can also be found on Facebook.

A pergola covers a back patio where a hot tub will soon arrive. Next Level Pergolas creates an outdoor living space (Photo by Robert Medley)

Kyle Kuykendall said he is looking forward to his new outdoor area. A hot tub was expected to soon arrive, and it would be placed under the pergola.

“We’re kind of making an outdoor living space here. We have a hot tub coming in tomorrow and then put some furniture out here and probably a TV. We’re very much outdoor people so this will kind of go in well with everything we like to do,” Kyle Kuykendall said.

See more pictures form Next Level Pergolas in the upcoming edition of The Yukon Progress Business Section.